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In which Hank teaches everyone how to build a house of cards!


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Good morning John; it's Wednesday, January 17th.

Hi Maureen Johnson and E. Lockhart!

Maureen... is that the Maureen that told me to build a business card house out of my misprinted business cards? If it is, then I have a surprise for her! Last night, I spent two hours talking to a libertarian on the internet.

He was a friend of mine from high school and I don't know what happened. He says there shouldn't be regulations on nuclear power plants! Last night, I also blew my nose for fifteen straight minutes, and then at the end of it, I had converted six ounces of toilet paper into two pounds of mushy goo, but now I can do this! (breathes in through nose deeply) Ahhh.

I'm just going to jump right into misprinted business card utilization ideas. Maureen from the comments suggested that I build a business card house. I didn't know how to build card houses, so I went on the internet and did some research.

There's the basic card house, where you use, you know, this and this and then you stack until it gets high up, but that's not the best way to build card houses it turns out. I found out the way that the professional card stackers do it. And now, I'm going to teach you and all of our viewers how to stack cards, the awesome way!

We create a T. And we lean this card on this card, thus stabilizing this card and this card. Is that guy wearing jammie pants?

And this guy on this guy. Yes, that guy is wearing jammie pants! It's early and I'm sick and tired, okay?

And you lean this guy on that guy, then you lean this guy on that guy. Here we've got the first story of a really good card house. And now we add the roof; this is important because we're going to be stacking more stories on it.

Oh. And... Voilà!

And there we have the first story of a card house. (Sped up video of Hank building card house; voice is unintelligibly fast and squeaky) Let us take a look at this thing of beauty. An excellent Misprinted Business Card Utilization idea; especially because now I know how to stack cards! And hopefully, so do you.

So, I can't just let this go; I'm going to have to try and add another story. (Squeaky voice chatters as he adds another story; exclaims as card house collapses)