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Hello, this is Hank Green. Thank you ever so much for your interest in the Project for Awesome. In this video I will explain to you how you can and should participate in the Project for Awesome.

Number 1: Make a video about a charity, about a charity that you theoretically care about. YouTube is a place for people who make videos so I probably shouldn’t spend too much time telling you how to make videos, but a couple of tips. It always works better if you can see the charity in action. It’s good if the charity has affected you in some personal way and never be afraid to ask people to give themselves, give their time, give their money to a charity because that’s what charities are people. Of course, be creative, be yourself, be enthusiastic, be excited about the good work that these people are doing.

Number 2: Upload that video roughly around noon eastern time on December 17th. In that videos title the words Project for Awesome or the acronym P4A should appear and both of those things should be in the tags of the video because that is how we will find your video to help promote your video and by extension to help promote that charity. If you are a YouTube partner, you can go to and download the thumbnails. You can use those thumbnails in addition to your title to identify your video as a Project for Awesome video. At noon on December 17th John and I and a bunch of other people will also be getting together to view these videos, to check them out and to excitedly help promote them.

Now we also need your help to help promote these videos. Because YouTube usually promotes whatever is going viral that day we kind of have to simulate virality. We do this by getting a large group of people together, that includes you, and then viewing and commenting and rating and favoriting all of those videos until they confuse the YouTube algorithms and YouTube accidentally features a bunch of charities. We want you to do this so much that John and I will be donating one penny to charity for every one comment there is. Now that might not sound like a lot but previous Project for Awesomes indicate that we probably should cap the limit at about $10,000 so hopefully you’ll go over that but we can’t go over $10,000 just, just personally.

And we will be attempting to confuzzle YouTube but YouTube actually has gotten behind this thing and they actually want us, uh, to have legitimate ways to promote videos as well. So when there are really good videos, they’re gonna give us the opportunity to feature some of those videos on the front page of YouTube which we will be doing all throughout the project. Exciting.

And we have some other things in mind for promoting videos as well. Now if you’ve been to previous Project for Awesomes you know about the live stream. Well, the live stream isn’t happening in the traditional way this year. Instead of the live stream we will be doing what I’m calling rapid dispatches and you probably have seen rapid dispatches in the form of Old Spice guy videos. We and some of our friends in Los Angeles will be participating in the Project for Awesome in various awesome ways and we will be seeing cool things going on during the Project for Awesome. And when we see those things we will make very quick, hopefully exciting, hopefully funny videos that we will dispatch rapidly. We will be dispatching those through the Project for Awesome YouTube channel at and you will be able to be seeing those hopefully many times per hour. I think it’s going to be exciting.

And then later on December 18th, the exact time currently alluding me, I will put it in an annotation down here (4 pm to 8 pm Pacific) a live stream like nothing I have ever done or will ever do because it’s actually being organized by YouTube will occur. The live stream will be on YouTube and there will be much amazing content that will really blow your mind. And that is roughly how we will be ending the Project for Awesome. That is the basic gist of what is happening at the 2010 Project for Awesome. And now you know and I will see you on December 17th.