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TIMECODE (Thanks, SmokyBirch)
1:42 - Are there any major "idiopathic" diseases that affect a large amount of people that we just sort of shrug at and have no idea about?

2:37 - Is the barefoot running technique better for your joints?

4:31 - Does wearing makeup have any ill effect on the skin? It makes people wash their face every night to remove it, but is it clogging pores or damaging the skin in any way?

5:32 - What do you think of Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan?

15:05 - What are your thoughts on Chlorine Dioxide or Miracle Mineral Supplement?

15:37 - Is there evidence to support if certain types of OTC pain relief medicines such as asprin and Tylenol work better for certain pains such as headaches or muscle pain?

18:33 - They say you should only lose 1-2 pounds a week, but is this a hard and fast rule? Is it okay to lose more than that? Does it matter if the person is just overweight vs (morbidly) obese?

22:12 - What do you think of Obama's call to cure cancer? Is it really feasible?

23:36 - Is there any research on when to start babies on solid foods? Many sources say 4-6 months, others say 6.

24:46 - I heard recently that applying ice to a soft tissue injury may not be helpful in assisting recovery. Is there evidence to back this up or is it a myth?
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