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Our video series Engage by Uplift tackles the difficult issues the YouTube community faces. Each week, our host, Kat Lazo, discusses abuse and how it uniquely manifests in virtual spaces. Watch and collaborate with us through weekly calls to action, and join in with some of your favorite YouTubers as they consider the issues in weekly round table discussions. We're so excited to get started! Let us know what you're hoping for from series in the comments. Any issues you want to make sure we discuss?

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Follow Uplift- Online Communities Against Sexual Violence:
Hi everyone. I'm Kat Lazo, also known as TheeKatsMeoww. Meow! I've got some news. I'm joining Uplift, a non-profit combating sexual abuse in online communities, for a new webseries to stop sexual violence in its tracks.

Sexual violence isn't restricted to dating. It can happen between friends, partners, or even between a creator and a fan. But whether you're a survivor, or a friend, a member of an online community, or just a visitor, we encourage you to watch, share, and participate.

Every week we'll air a video aimed to provide resources, help, support, and information to our communities about the effects of sexual assault and abuse. From discussions with fellow YouTubers, to getting down to the really hard stuff, to practical advice, we're covering it all.

What's consent? Can you make consent sexy? How can you get help and how can you help others? What are the pros and cons to reporting?

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