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Nando the Cat reads Heather Christle's “People Are a Living Structure Like a Coral Reef” (with a little bit of assistance from Paige Lewis).

Heather Christle:

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People are so weird.  They hate when I eat houseplants, but they eat salad leaves all the time.  I chose this poem because it helps me better understand the strangeness of people.  

People Are a Living Structure Like A Coral Reef

People love to clean their ears and I love people
very much They are everywhere!  Every single
thing I love I love for windows only and if
one window reflects another then friends
for me it's all over And in the windows are trees
and in the windows are people What are they even doing
with their hunger and in their new shirts They are
taking care of themselves and they are taking each other out
for lunch Oh even the rain has to love them People
are just too attractive!  and the rain places itself
on the window in order to be closer to the people
the ones who are eating The ones who are 
busting out vigor Oh people You have to love
people They are so much like ourselves