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People are talking about subscriptions and what they do and why they matter so I wanted to go in and look at why YouTube might be worried about subscriptions and what the big ol' deal is.

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Hello! We're gonna talk a little bit about, uh, the analytics of the vlogbrothers and Complexly networks, here, 'cause we have the opportunity to do that and we're talking a lot about subscriptions and sub boxes these days, and we.. I do wanna give some context to that. I'm not gonna talk about my opinions on the sub box changes, cause I made a video about that on vlogbrothers and you can go check it out, and probably you're coming from that video to watch this one.

So, here is the traffic sources for everybody on the vlogbrothers network, so we have a bunch of different channels that are all.. SciShow, CrashCourse, Healthcare Triage, Sexplanations, Animal Wonders, uh, new shows that you probably haven't heard of like Nature League, and how much the different things matter to the different kinds of channels. So, right here we're seeing where all of our impressions, our views, our watch time comes from, so we're actually looking at watch time right now, this is basically the exact same graph for views, uh, but that's a little bit less of an abstract number, so, uh, we see that this base level here is.. are my suggested videos, and we see that this red bit here is the browse features, and then we've got search, and channel pages, and other YouTube features and et. cetera. So, um, our biggest hunk, at 41% is suggested videos, that's prob.. usually about the same for a lot of YouTube channels, um, search is a big piece for CrashCourse specifically, and to some extent SciShow, browse features, though, is where, um, subscriptions is hiding. And it's really frustrating that subscriptions and home aren't on this as a separate category... I don't really know why, I guess it's so that you can see tha- th- the browse feature as being, sort of, like, what YouTube is doing for you as the category of, like, people actively on their, sort of, like, front-page-home experience of YouTube, whether that's subscriptions or home, but I find it frustrating because then we have to say, well, 38%, and then we click on browse features, and then we see what percent is home and what percent is subscriptions.

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So 65 percent is home so 65 percent of the 35 percent is coming from the home page and 27 percent of that. I forgot the I forgot the number already but 27 percent of that is uhhh coming from subscriptions, so that's like not a ton, but I mean look at it in terms of views it is a ton it's uhhhm 2 million views - almost 3 million views.

So it is a big deal uuuhhm and you can also see the click through rates in those places, the click through rates for home are higher than they are for subscriptions and this is probably what youtube is looking at and saying like home is doing a better job than subscriptions getting people what they want.

They're clicking - they more likely to click on a video we served them on home than on subscriptions because subscriptions is gonna be so much content and not really well divided, so that's that's one part of it. Another part of this, let's look at the vlogbrothers analytics for, oh god which one is it? It's not that one. I've got a bunch of other things up here. I put it right in the middle you guys that makes a lot of sense.

Let's look at the vlogbrothers breakdown between subscriptions and home, so these are the browse features over the last, so I don't know whats going on here uhm uuuh this this don't- ignore this green area that's a glitch, uuhm but we've got our so that that purple is subscriptions, and you'll see this is 2014 this is 2013 uh you'll see that this is seems to be on the decline, in fact it seems to be really on the decline lately and uuhhhm and I don't and it would be interesting.

Let's just go ahead and type in scishow here and see of if that holds up at all across a different channel, now this is gonna take forever to load so we're gonna cut now. I have made this display slightly differently for scishow. Most of this data is not useful down here because this is where we started to upload seven videos a week so there was a big jump in viewership unsurprisingly.

But what we see is from that time a you know like this is a very bumpy graph of how home is doing for us.

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