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And other question outtakes from my question Friday I did like a week ago. This was just sitting on my hard drive and I forgot about it. Hope you liiiike iiiiit.

What books are you reading right now?  I don't know.  I'm re--I'm reading Dark Matter and I don't know who wrote it 'cause I just started reading it.  I'm finishing the second Tierling book and I'm listening to a Harry Bosch book, because it's vacation and that's what you should do on vacation.  You should listen to mystery novels on your Audible.  Sign up at  Boom, gotcha!  That was a joke for podcast listeners.  

Mayim asks, "What's your favorite kind of pie?"  This is Mayim Bialik from Blossom and also The Big Bang Theory asking me what my favorite kind of pie is.  I mean, I'm in Florida right now so I feel like I have to say key lime and also even when I'm not, I usually say key lime.  I'm a big fan of pumpkin pie when it's pumpkin pie time, but if it's just regular day, I'm gonna want some kind of creme pie and I think key lime pie is my favorite of the creme pies.

The weirdest place you had to change a diaper?  I was once in Amsterdam.  Orin was four months old.  Katherine was there with me.  We went out to, you know, we knew we were going to have to change his diaper some time on this excursion but we just went around the city, we took some boats and then we went shopping and when we were shopping was when the duke happened.  The people at the clothing store were super nice and had--we just had a lot of great chats already and we were like, so, do you have a bathroom, and they were like, no, we don't have a public bathroom, and then we were like, is there a public restroom, and they were like, no.  Nowhere nearby is there a public restroom and I said, well, is there anywhere in this store where it would be not a disaster for me to get baby poop?  So they took me behind the little cashier desk and then there was a door in the wall and in that wall was a storage closet that happened to have a toilet in it.  It wasn't really a bathroom but it was definitely a place where one could go to the bathroom and it was just covered in, like, bleach and knives and there was like a chainsaw buzzing and going and it just felt like the wrong place to be changing a baby, but I put Orin down on that toilet seat with the toilet closed, luckily there was a toilet seat, and I changed his diaper right there and that is probably it.

Have you ever played Clank?  I played Clank in space just last weekend.  It was really fun and I liked it a lot and I want to play it again.  I've never played the original though.  

Make a video about pingwine.  I don't know what pingwine is.  Let's look it up.  Is it a real thing?  Pingwi--I had to say it that way so I could remember how to spell it.  Gwine, like that.  Pingwine.  It's a razorbill.  It's an auk.  Scientific name (?~2:32).  Pinguine.  Is it--it took me to the Wikipedia page in French, 'cause it's just the French name for penguins.  Yeah?  Or is it not?  I'm confused.  Let's look up razorbills.  Razorbills.  Is it just a razorbill?  Also, razorbill is a terrifying name for a bird.  Why?  Ooh, I like them.  They look good.  It's a colonial seabird that comes to land only to breed.  The agile bird chooses one partner for life.  Females lay one egg per year.  Whoa, that's risky.  Razorbills nest along coastal cliffs in enclosed or slightly exposed crevices.  There.  I did it.  Is that good enough for you Lou?  Let me know in the comments.