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Are you sitting down?  I have some bad news.  You failed.  You thought I was leading you astray and I was gonna flip it around, but no, you actually did fail.  And/or you didn't take my beard's advice.  Do you know how that makes my beard feel?
**** you.
My beard sounds like my mother.

You'd think if a beard talked, you'd listen.  Or maybe you'd be really creeped out.

Beards, or other hair or fingernails, actually stop growing after death.  Now, if you came to me and said, "But Wheezy Waiter, I've been monitoring dead bodies and they clearly grow hair", first of all, I'd been really creeped out.  Secondly, I would say that as the body dehydrates, the skin retracts around existing hair, and it makes it appear like it gets bigger.  Gross.

Let's- let's jump cut.

Sadly, that was the last round, and since you got that one wrong, I know you didn't get all of them right.  But, at Truth or Fail, everyone wins.  Please click on my beard for your consolation prize.  Yep.  Just click riiight there.  Right in there.  Yep, that's where you click.  Go easy though, that's my face, you know.  There's a little padding but, not a lot.  Did you click it yet?