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In which Hank talks about the evil force which lives atop his head.


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A Bunny
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Mamma Mia, here I go again.

My my... Oh, oh, hi, uh, yeah, good morning John. It's, uh, Tuesday, August 21st?

Yeah. You're not the only one that needs a haircut. You know I kind of love that game you were playing yesterday.

Uh, even Adam played it a little while ago too. He goes like this, where you're just talking, and you're talking, and you're talking, and you're talking, and you keep talking... your hair is getting much much bigger. Oh my God, I look like Julia Roberts from Steel Magnolias.

Is this how they did her hair? To make my hair do that, all I have to do is this... Just around in a circle, and then ooooh it's like static electricity except it's not.

It's just the way my hair works. I know I need a haircut when it starts to invade, uh, my ears. See that going on right there?

John and I both sort of have the kind of hair that grows out, uh, for the most part, it doesn't go down, it gets bigger instead of longer. Thanks Dad. But there is one area where it doesn't grow out, it grows in, and that is the ears.

Down off the sideburns and then curls back into the ears, and I know that if I were to grow my hair, you know, shoulder length or so, that my hair would, first, impede my hearing and then, at about, like, mid-back, I'm pretty sure that it would kill me. It would be in my brain like, uh, like, like, Devil's Snare. Devil's Snaring into my ears and around my brain and, and I have to like, Lumos Solem AHH, but it wouldn't work because there's no way to get light into my brain, and it would, it would be over.

I would die, it would be over for me, because of my hair. So I have to keep it trimmed. It's not just a matter of hygiene and my, my, rugged good looks.

I firmly believe that I get haircuts in order to save my life, and that is the only way that I can pay someone twenty dollars to do basically what I believe to be an exorbitant grooming ritual that is not, uh, of any practical value. Something that I've been wanting to talk about, Nerdfighters. It's a strange situation, because, I know that we're not supposed to necessarily be jokes, but we kinda are jokes.

Like, the Nerdfighters are nerds, but they're also made of awesome, and the fact is, the Nerdfighter center of the universe is at a place called Winner. I just think it's kind of strange how Nerdfighters who used to be the bottom of the down trodden masses, are now totally the jokesest of the jokes. To finish off this video I think I'm gonna mention that I think I may have done permanent damage to my hair, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, just possible that I may have prevented the nasty evil brain ear invading activities, which could come in extremely handy if there's some kind of scissor apocalypse and all the scissors stop working because of, uh, aliens...

No, that wasn't funny. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow.