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Let's be real! We would all have robots right now if they weren't so hard to make.

Well, researchers created a robot that can build itself! This tiny robot is 10 centimeters long, can carry 40 times its weight, and travel 48 centimeters per minute. And it comes in bigger faster versions too!

The best thing is that it self-assembles and starts rolling after just a little bit of heat. It's made out of a liquid Crystal elastomer, which is a kind of rubbery material that shrinks when it gets hot, pulling itself into a tubular shape that starts rolling.

And this setup is great for exploring hot environments or moving objects down small pipes because it thrives in an environment that's as hot as 200 degrees Celsius!

Usually it's hard to find materials that fit that job description that are also small and stable in heat. So when things get too hot to handle, this tiny robot's got your back!