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1:52 - Several studies in the last few years have shown Ketamine are effective in short term management of depression. Do you see this and other treatments using illegal drugs, MDMA for PTSD, gaining use?

3:39 - Barring personality disorders, is there research on if/how personality affects psychological therapy? Does therapy work better for some people or is it just a matter of finding the right doctor?

5:11 - Should every breast cancer detected in the screening program be treated? I read a 2014 BJM paper where it said that some disappear or stay that way and don't grow.

8:16 - Are there other options besides Imuran as far as immunosuppressants go to treat Ulcerative Colitis?

9:02 - Is arsenic in rice something to be concerned about? It sounded like nonsense to me at first, but then I looked it up and apparently there's a Consumer Report on it and the FDA's been looking into it.

10:24 - I've been exercising for the last five months, three times a week 30 minutes on the elliptical; I would like to increase to four, five times a week, on your experience, would this be optional? Male, 34

11:06 - What do you think of health education in the US? What changes would you make especially in public school health education?

12:43 - My niece (2 yrs) has had a pretty consistent stream of snot from her nose over the last several weeks, and her mom medicates her for it. My wife says kids will just be snotty, drugs or no. Who's right?

14:39 - Are there differences in health outcomes and mortality between for profit, non profit, and government/military run hospitals?

15:23 - Why do pre-med students need to take physics?

17:27 - How do you respectfully tell a doctor that you don't agree with his/her diagnosis? Is there a way that YOU would be okay with being told I wanted a second opinion?

19:20 - Are there any stats on student doctor outcomes/complications as opposed to experienced doctors? Any advice as to getting into medical school?

20:38 - Do you think Modafinil is a relatively safe risk for someone with ADHD? I have self diagnosed heart issues, so taking the amphetamine alternatives concern me.

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