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Live Table Talk from VidCon 2013! Friday, August 2nd

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Sam Bashor: Hello, welcome, welcome, welcome to the second live VidCon table talk for SourceFed. How is everybody doing?
[crowd cheers]
come on guys, come on, woo!
[crowd cheers louder]
 there we go, there we go,
up first we have Mr. Steve Zaragoza
here he comes
get loud come on
There ya go, there ya go...
up next we have Ms. Trisha Hershberger
And now the lovely Joe Bereta, here he comes

Trisha Hershberger: Joe you're so lovely. Lovely Joe.

Sam: And a special guest Mr. Hank Green. Woo!

Steve: Hank Green...

Trisha: What, what

Steve: This is a green... a dream... a dream come true for me

Joe: Oh that's very good.

Trisha: A dream come true that's for sure.

Hank: Did you just pun? Did you just say a Green come true?

Steve: I sure did, I said it was a green come true.

Trisha: I thought you said a cream come true.

Joe: Starting it of with a pun. Here we go.

Steve: Well...

[Trisha laughs]

Joe: Cool, so how we doing this?

Hank: I don't know. I can barely here you, so talk loudly.

Steve: What?

Trisha: Does Sam still have that microphone?

Steve: We do.

Joe: OK, so we're going to start of by throwing some shirts out there.

Hank: OHHH!

Trisha: and CJ has the mic.

Joe: CJ has the mic, so I wanna hear you say SourceFed as loud as you can. Now.


Joe: Okay, okay. One more time.


Trisha: Wow that was a good throw.

Joe: Cool. Swag. Swag is fun. Alright so we got people out in the audience with microphones.

Hank: We do?

Joe: They're gonna grab your questions. CJ and uh Sam where are you. There's CJ.

Trisha: CJ's there.

Joe: Do you have a question for table talk live? There we go. What is it.

Trisha: Don't die on that chair please.

Audience member: Yeah I'll do what I can, thanks. Alright so this is a question for all of you. With this being the fourth annual VidCon how do you feel about the growth of YouTube as a culture, and where do you think it's going in the future.

Steve: Oh my goodness.

Hank: YouTube as a culture and where it's going in the future.

Joe: The growth of it. How do you feel about it?

Trisha: I'm gonna differ it to the veterans on this side of that table.

Joe: I feel like this is in your realm.

Hank: You think this is for me?

Joe: It's right in your realm. How do you feel about it.

Hank: I think that you can't stop something cool from getting bigger. Uhh, even though sometimes we might want to, and especially if we have to plan the conference for it, uhh, so, but but.  I think that you can uh continue to define that culture as a cool thing, and give it good values, and sort of not accept uhh that its going to be diluted just because it's bigger.

Joe: I think that't the best point that you made about the culture is that we as the creators and you guys as the audience and people that are having this continuous dialog with channels, we kind of get to define how it's gonna to grow. It's being pushed back upon by big industry and money and what not, but people like the Green brothers and all of you guys, we, we're define what the next couple steps are going to be. They're going to try and and make what steps they want it to make and they're going to try and mold it, but we do have a say.

Hank: Well it's not just we have a say. The people who watch have the ultimate say.

Joe: Exactly .

Trisha: Of course.

Hank: And like all we do is try and connect with people and that's the whole point. That's the only thing that's really there. Everything else between like the viewer and the creator is all just mish- uh, helping one, helping make money or helping creators like how much work to do or uh, helping uh users find more good content. But all that stuff in the middle it can be great, it can be terrible but really the only important thing is the two sides there.

Joe: Yup it's the direct connection that we have to everybody and so right here-

Hank: Right now the best part of this is that nothing's between us except air!

Trisha: Whoot whoot!

[Crowd cheering and laughter]

Joe: Warmed with love and understanding.

Hank: that guy just blew on me he was like...

Joe: Stop, stop.

Trisha: Right on.

Steve: Did you get a little spit? It's okay.

Joe: Do you guys have any thoughts any feelings?

Steve: Well uh, I was just thinking that, this is my second VidCon, and uh, it's so much bigger than last year-

Hank: Why didn't you come to other VidCons Steve!?!

Joe: Yeah Steve!

Steve: Well because I'm very new to the YouTube world, I'm very new to it. I didn't even know there was a VidCon before last year.

Hank: I know. I know, I know.

Joe: Steve's a Comic-Con man.

Trisha: yeah! Yeah, yeah.

Steve: I know! I am a Comic-Con guy I'm , I'm kind of like a Sci-Fi Con guy. So this is like a new world for me. But this is only like my second one and it feels like it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger every year.

Trisha: Yeah

Joe: Steve Zaragoza is currently coz-playing as Steve Zaragoza, it's really sexy.

Trisha: I know it's impressive, really.

Steve: Uh-uh! It's not very good today 'cause my hair is too cool for Steve Zaragoza right now.

Trisha: It's true!

Steve: But, but, I-I-I don't know I kinda don't want, I mean I want to see VidCon get bigger because obviously that's better for everyone in charge, and that's better-

Hank: Well also, the reason VidCon gets bigger, to be clear is because it- I would feel bad about the people who can't come.

Trisha: Awww!

Hank: We have like and 8,000- well that's not, well it's also like way easier to pay for stuff if there are more people

Joe: True.

Trisha: Sure.

Hank: and the conference goes much more smoothly when there's more money, but uh, but yeah I mean like every year it sells out we have like an 8,000 person waiting list this year.

Joe: That's insane.

Hank: and so it- yeah, you know there's just a lot of people who are sad. And I see them on Twitter, if you search the VidCon hashtag it's like 50% of people are like "VidCon whoo! This is Whoo!" 

Trisha: It's amazing!

Hank: And 50% who are like "I'm going to go die now."

Joe: You don't know if 25% of that 50% are going "VidCon, Whooo..."

Hank: Oh right yeah, maybe I'm, maybe it's, we need an emoticon there.

Trisha: Well, I'm one of the VidCon "Whoo!" people, this is my first VidCon, um.

[crowd cheers]

Trisha: I know, I know! Um, and it's absolutely awesome and I don't know the biggest thing for me seeing it as like you guys were talking about the connection between the people that produce the content and the audience, and it's just, it's so radically different than television or film. It's this whole new world, and I'm, I'm absolutely in love with being exposed to it and being a part of it, and getting to see you guys here. So, I am definitely a VidCon "Whoo!" person.


Steve: Well, I wanna know, cause like now that I've been to Comic-Con for ever, like

Trisha: Oh, yeah.

Steve: The big complaint about Comic-Con is, is that it's just too big and it's like you-

Joe: What's the threshold, Hank.

Trisha: I love that it's that big

Steve: I'm so nervous because like, I remember there was a time when you could walk up to like, Kevin Smith, sitting at a booth, and be like 'Oh, I love you and I love all the movies you do'

Joe: Right, yeah

Steve: And now, you can't get anywhere-

Trisha: You still can-

Steve: Near him.

Trisha: Yes you can, I walked right up to-

Hank: But, but-

Trisha: George R.R Martin this year

Steve: Well you were, special.

Hank: Maybe you, maybe you can't walk up to Kevin Smith. But if you're into comics, there's someone you can walk up to.

Trisha: Yeah.

Hank: Someone you love, someone who's changed your life, and they don't have a line. Because, be- that's, that's really the heart of new media, is that everyone's a creator and just because you connect with maybe a thousand people in the world, doesn't mean you don't connect with them in a deep way.

Trisha: Right

Hank: Doesn't mean you don't change their lives, really affect them, that's so much more interesting than having an audience that basically, like, how I feel about real celebrities, is like, they are definitely famous, but I don't really feel particularly passionate about them.

Joe: That fourth wall, on that level is mighty thick.

Hank: Right

Trisha: Yeah

Hank: One of the great things about VidCon is like, well, uh. One of the, one of the problems is we need more smaller rooms. Because there are so many creators that have those small audiences that we wanna feature, and get them together with- I mean its "small" it's not that small. It's not SourceFed big, but it's you know, it's te- it can be tens of thousands of cre- of viewers.

Joe: Yeah

Trisha: Yeah

Hank: And so I wanna be able to give those people an opportunity to gather for that community.

Steve: Yeah

Hank: And, and so, like, as long as- if you're only into the people who get, who have millions of subscribers, then it's gonna be hard to see those people, and have fun with those people. But if you get into some people who maybe are a little bit, uh, newer, or like more niche, or like into the same things that you're into that aren't that, like, mainstream then it's really easy to have one on one connections with creators.

Joe: That's the-

Hank: Like, I look around and I see like, creators that I know have audiences, like in audiences. And, yeah.

[Trisha laughs]

Joe: Yeah, well that's the other nice part about what's happening here, even if I think it does grow, is that I have found even for me personally, VidCon is, it's a conference of discovery at the same time.

Hank: Yeah

Joe: You are gonna go see those people that you like, be it big or small, but you're also gonna meet all these new people.

Trisha: Yep

Joe: I mean, just from VidCon last year I probably started watching three or four new people just from watching main stage alone.

Hank: Yeah, yeah.

Joe: I became such a George Watsky fan last year..  it's nuts

Hank: Oh, man. How were you not a George Watsky fan?

Joe: Oh man.

Trisha: I'm already subscribed to three new channels since this morning (laughs).

Hank: Nice!

Joe: Yeah.

Hank: Part of the reason I put-

Steve: It's SourceFed, SourceFedNERD and PDS, right?


Trisha: Well yes, that's- I was never subscribed to them, so.. (laughs).

Hank: Part of the reason I put on VidCon is just so I can hang out with George Watsky.


Joe: That's a noble reason.

Hank: That's the only reason, yeah.

Steve: That's genius, he wont hang out any other way.

Hank: No.

Trisha: I just, I wanna pretend I'm musically talented, with all the amazing musically talented people here (laughs).

Joe: Yeah. I asked Christina Grimmie if I could be her backup dancer and I don't think she's gonna let me, so.

Trisha: Aww.

Joe: That's too bad.

Steve: Awesome, let's dig in, uh.

Joe: I think we effectively mashed that question up, uh.

Hank: Yeah, just destroyed it.

Trisha: We masticated it.

Joe: Let's move on, we got Sam over there with a question. 

Audience Member: How's it going?

Trisha: Hi!

Joe: Hello.

Audience Member: So, I was wondering how each of you guys kind of got into this industry, what led you- cause I know a lot of small time people, we're- we take you guys, what you guys do, and we use that as inspiration for what we do. So I was wondering what- who your inspirations were and what led you to get into this industry, in general.

Joe: Okay, uh.

Hank: Here's us, the people who actually started it back in the day.

Trisha: Yeah!

Joe: We've been here for a while.

Hank: Just a hipster

Trisha: Hey, new kids are cool too!

(talking over each other)

Joe: Do you remember YouTube back when there was just one video on the front page?

Hank: And we could be li- we could talk about The Wine Kone and Renetto--

Joe: Yup

Hank: And everyone will know what we're talking about.

Joe: boheme

Hank: Hah, yes.

Joe: Oh man, that's old school.

Hank: Yes, there are people here, there are some people here.

Joe: Start off again, Hank. How did you get started, why did you get started?

Hank: Um, uh.

Joe: What was your inspiration?

Hank: Uh, our insp- my inspiration was that my brother wanted to do it, his inspiration was that Ze Frank was doing amazing things.

Joe: Yeah.

Hank: Ze Frank continues to do amazing things. But, he was really the first, the first person that people had to look up to, because he did it all on his own, he sort of created the idea that you could connect with an audience in this way, and that you could make videos in this way. And so, once that example was there, Phil, also us, also you maybe to some extent-

Joe: Yep.

Hank: Were just like 'We could-' like, I look, I've always just wanted- my whole career has been trying to be more like Ze Frank.


Joe: Just change your name, just change your name to Ze Frank.

Trisha: I know!

Hank: Well, uh, I mean i'm never gonna get there.

Steve: I think I heard Sidney Poitier say the same thing once.


Hank: About Ze?

Steve: Yeah, yeah.

Joe: I was, uh. Mine was kinda, I-I tripped and fell into good fortune. I was making videos back in college right when YouTube started, we were putting our sketches up on the internet with my other channel Baratsandbareta, and we uh-

[crowd cheers]

Joe: Oh, wow! Thank you, yeah. Um, and when I say we got featured on the front page back when there was one video, that is the thing we tripped into, and it kinda changed our whole direction.

Hank: You had one video on your channel?

Trisha: That's awesome.

Joe: We had a couple videos-

Hank: Oh, okay.

Joe: But they, we put that one up, it was a Mother's Day video, they featured it, and then we just, the ball started rolling. We kept doing YouTube after that, and I haven't left since.

Hank: Yeah.

Joe: It's very good to me-

Hank: Yes.

Joe: YouTube very good to me.

Steve: And they've tried to get rid of you Joe.

Joe: I know.


Joe: Steve's tried to kill me three times today.

Trisha: Nooo.

Steve: I did not, I tried to hug you with a knife in my hand.

Trisha: Dun dun dun!

Joe: So I suppose the inspiration though, because again, the inspiration was comedy, the inspiration was making funny things that I liked to do, but then to continue on with YouTube, I suppose the inspiration behind that is just that I've-I've got to be in a new industry that was continuously growing and evolving, and I don't think there's anything more exciting than that.

Hank: Yeah.

Joe: We're-I'm, we're always part of the new thing, which is great.

Hank: Yeah, and as far as how, like, how we became successful, it's purely, like, dumb luck.

Joe: Yep, yep!

Trisha: And talent, come on!

Hank: It really helps to start in 2006, so if you can do that, then that...

Joe: (laughs) Good luck.

Hank: Yeah.

Trisha: Yeah.

Steve: Well we, I- oh go ahead, baby.

Trisha: I was just gonna say that it doesn't hurt that you two are also amazingly talented. 

Steve: Yes!

Trisha: So, to be-

Joe: And beautiful, very attractive!

Trisha: And really sexy.

Joe: Very nice ears.

Trisha: Really sexy. Um, eh, for me I just kinda really tripped and fell into it, I uh, ever since I was little I watched the movie Big with Tom Hanks-

[Steve laughs]

Trisha: And I was like, 'Hey, he's playing with toys and they're paying' him, I wanna, I wanna get payed to play, some day' so I immediately thought oh, well, I'm gonna act, because that's playing make believe, and they're gonna pay me to play with that. Uh, and I came out to Hollywood and I got a lot of, like, 'Oh, yeah, you're good, you're kinda weird though, can you tone down the weird?' And then, I uh, I got to audition for SourceFed and they were like 'We love the weird!' and I-

Joe: That's really weird-

Trisha: Was like 'Great! This is my place!'

Joe: Can you dial up the weird just a little bit?

Trisha: Yeah, can you up the weird? So now I get to play for a living, uh, and be myself, so it's absolutely awesome.

Steve: Yeah, I just, my thing too is, kinda like with Trisha, I've been wanting to do the acting thing forever, and I've done the little things here and there, but when I jumped into the YouTube world, it was such a new thing, for me. Like, I didn't even know who Phil was, when I jumped into the YouTube world-

Trisha: I didn't either.

Steve: Like, over a year ago. And it was really kinda like this big, huge... I mean, I don't know, it's such a huge world. I mean, obviously, look at all you guys, and all of this is all YouTube, so. Jumping into it was so terrifying to me, because it really was up to you guys, more or less if we got to excel-

Trisha: Whether you kept your job or not!

Steve: And continue on, on SourceFed!

Joe: Yeah!

Steve: And, and the fact that you guys accepted us, individually and together, is really why we're here, honestly, so it's really kinda because of you guys that we're in this world right now-

Trisha: A hundred percent, yeah.

Steve: So thank you all, very very much for that.

Joe: Thank you!

Trisha: For you! (claps)

Joe: Give yourself a hand, you're not gonna beat that high score, you're not gonna beat it!

Trisha:(?~13:33) Fanning people with shirts

Joe: I don't know you, sit down!


Joe: Um, cool, let's move onto the next one. Let's do that.

Trisha: Who you got CJ?

Joe: I don't know, CJ's got a question over here. Oh-uh, it's the guy that just beat my high score, now he's gonna brag.

Steve: This guy beat Joe Baretta's high score on Donkey Kong.

Trisha: Supposedly. So where's the proof.

Joe: "Allegedly" beat my high score.

Trisha: Allegedly.

Audience Member: Uh, so you guys are all awesome, uh, just saying that-

Trisha: You're awesome.

Audience Member: Thank you. Um, have you guys ever had any really, really creepy fan experiences?