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The Fitness Challenge:

In which John discusses the Philo Apple Farm's amazing cooking school, the Hippotatmus phenomenon, the 2009 Nerdfighter Fitness Challenge, and cows.

No, it's not punishable. It's before midnight where I am--a rule Hank has used repeatedly in 2009.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, Hank.

It's Sunday. It's News Day and the news today is that I'm at cooking school. Today's video comes to you in four parts.

By the way, it's late, so sorry about the weird positions. Part 1: Hank, holy snood, we have 100,000 subscribers! I think we should get the Nerdfighters something, Hank.

Nerdfighters, what do you want? Part 2: Cooking school. I spent the weekend at the Philo Apple Farm with the Yeti and her family and this very nice woman named Tracy and her made-of-awesome son, Sam, and this woman Karen who knows everything about organic and sustainable food.

It was amazing and delicious and sort of life-changing, but unfortunately I can't show you much footage from cooking school because the Yeti is in all of my footage, and if I show any of the Yeti the very foundations of Nerdfighteria will collapse and we'll just become an empire of dust and despair. But here's approximately what cooking school looked like. Look, you can see a little Yeti arm over there.

Hello, arm. There was a lot of chopping, there was a fair amount of blending, there was some separating of eggs. Bam.

Yolk. White. I must be the greatest.

There was some churning of ice cream, and there was some appreciation of oddly shaped potatoes. It's a hippo! Look how much it looks like a hippo!

Hank, it's like a little hippo potato. Look at the little mouse. Look, it's a mouse!

Immediately after I called that the hippotato, Sam pointed out that it should be called the hippotatomus. The Philo Apple Farm definitely doesn't forget to be awesome. Then on the way home we got to see the ocean.

That was pretty. I could almost set a novel there. Part 3: the 2009 Nerdfighter Fitness Challenge.

Hank, I have three suggestions for the 2009 Nerdfighter Fitness Challenge. First, we need to extend the deadline to October 1. Second, instead of it being a competition between you and me, it should be a competition between you and me and all of Nerdfighteria.

And third, it should take place in five different disciplines, all of which should be ridiculous. Nerdfighters, if you want to participate in the fitness challenge, there's a group at the Ning. And please suggest ridiculous fitness challenges in comments.

Part 4: Cows. Hank, I'll see you on Tuesday.