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Today we're taking a short break from exploring deep philosophical questions to reflect on some of the simpler challenges of philosophy. Like using our words.

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CC Kids:
Hank: And Descartes was the Mack Daddy of all skeptics. I just said Mack Daddy.
(laughter from off camera)
Woman: those are words that came out of your mouth
Man: That's what happens- that's what happened to here today
[Theme music]
(silly music starts in background)
Hank: They could have been put in our minds by [weird voice] the evil genius who created the illusion of the world so seamless they would have no way of detecting the illusion.

Hank: But what Aritisp- But what Ariti- Aridabah- But what Aridispotle- We don't know how he pronounced his name, maybe it WAS Aridispotle. There's a sil- There's a- there's an implied D and an implied buh p. 
People off camera: buh-p? buh-p?
Hank: It's a Greek letter.
People off camera: buh-p?
Hank: The Greek letter buh-p.

There's no guarantee that the (fumbles words) cuccu...

Like what's good vs bad or what's the (with intentional lisp)nature of god. 

Those so-called "facts"... Facts, FaCTS. (smacks lips repeatedly). 

But there's another area of Philosophy that helps frame your thinking around what you actually DO. Like how you should act, and what you should actatch meaning to. (laughs)

So it turns out the assertion I made earlier has false. (laughs)

If he examined each possible belief carefully and only accepted those about which there could be no doubt, then he'd know what he was believing was be true. 
If he examined each possible belief carefully and only accepted the the... (sighs) sentences...

Aesthetics- Aesthetics is- Aesthetics is a part- a part of (mumbles)
Yeah, aesthetics is the new epithelial. No, it's easier than epithelial. 

Aestheticians? Aestheticians? Aestheticians? 

So this led Berkley to a startling conclusion. There's just no thing aa aah. 

Smith then forms a belief based on his firtht.. firtht- person... (nonsense)

(mouths) come on (grunts like constipated) I don't know why it's so hard. (laughs from off camera)

Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Doooo iiiittt. Why not? 

And todat... And (lip buzzes)
Person off camera: (laughs) It's just all words. And stuff. 
And todat. 
Person: And todatdadat. 

If I think it's true, that is, if my attitude is that of- no- No, wigglebum. 
People off camera: close. Oh no! 

I believe that this is a cat. If I think it's true, that is, if my attitude is that. 
Person off camera: That was so cute. 
(Hank laughs)

(moves mouth wordlessly) Cat hair in my mouth. 

And it's the subject of last week's flash philosophy... What? And it's the subject of THIS week's... (laughs) I don't know why I said that. 

If you make me do it- like- If you make me do it too many times, I'm just like "So there's a philosophy." 

So inductive reasoning lets us conclude that all emeralds are green and will remain green after time 't' since no emeralds (dog barks loudly)

Then his theory could be conplusive, Complusively? Discluven. 

If the results of the solar eclipse in 1919 had been different, general- General relativity-

Popper realized that Einstein's theory was truly risky. Because if fut- if the futUUUUURE-

Now most of us don't buy into the concept of the tripartite soul anymore, or the idea that (nonsense).

Even how it sounds when I bite into it (biting sound) There a good apple noise. 

Because believing those things, he didn't realize were false. (laughter off camera)

Metaphysics estipism estapistimism (nonsense)

And false if it's (nonsense)

So like, pea- So like peas for the love of pleat. 

What can amaze (nonsense)

Because philosophers don't argue like other people do. They just make this noise: (raptor noise). And then it's like (raptor noise). And (raptor noise). They're weird. 

But don't worry, because you've already- (nonsense)

Locke believed that we are all born as tabula rasa . A blank state. And he argued that all- 
person off camera: Blank slate. 
Hank: What'd I say? 
Person: Blank state
Hank: really? Wow... I would not... I do not believe you. Even now. What is knowledge though? 

And that is where we're gonna be headed when we meet... next. (laughs)

(silly music ends)

(old timey music plays)

Hank: It's not like the conversation you have around the dinner table about whether the Patriots are better than the Seahawks or why plain M&Ms are superior to peanut, which is clearly a preposterous position to take. 
Man off camera: I disagree with you. 
Hank: Who the (beep) likes plain M&Ms? (laughs) I mean, I don't mind 'em.
Hank: ohhh peanut M&Ms are the best food
(off-screen laughter)
Off-screen man: I would take peanut butter M&Ms over peanut M&Ms.
Hank: oh you're right out. No. EW. Gross. I hate peanut butter M&Ms. They're so gross.
Off-Screen man: If we have to have a compromise, I'll take the peanut butter M&Ms
Hank: Ugh. Eugh. It's a disaster of a candy right there. *laughs*
Off-screen woman: You would rather eat plain M&Ms than peanut butter M&Ms?
Hank: YES. By far!
Off-screen man: Whenever I would get a peanut M&M in a Halloween bag I would always be like "awww".
Hank: Really?
Off-screen man: It's kind of like candy, but it's not really candy.
Off-screen woman: No it is really candy!
Off-screen man: And the peanut stops it from being a candy!
Hank: It makes it into an energy food.
Off-screen man: Now it is food.
All: *laugh*
Off-screen man: And food is not my snack! Food is not a treat!
Off-screen woman: Oh so if you got some peanut M&Ms for dinner..
Hank: That would be okay.
Off-screen man: Well I still don't like peanuts, but--
Hank: Oh I see you don't like peanuts.
Off-screen man: No I don't. I'm glad we got all of that.