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Last November I got the chance to visit Vienna's Natural History Museum in Austria (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien). It's houses one of the oldest natural history collections in the world, dating back to the 1700's!
There I saw the Woman of Willendorf (often called the 'Venus of Willendorf'), a sculpture I first learned about in art school. It was incredible to see it in person.

My primary source for this video was "Natural History Museum Vienna: A Guide to the Collections" by Stefanie Jovanovic-Kruspel.
Creator, Writer, Camera: Emily Graslie
Editor, Graphics: Sheheryar Ahsan
Production Consultant: Carolyn Yao

Captioning: Rebecca Phelps
Captioning QC: Rick Goldman
Audio Description Scripting: Valerie Hunter
Audio Description Voicer: Debbie Grattan
Audio Description Editor: Heather Warren
Accessibility Supervisor: Kyle Sisk

Thanks to Oliver Macek at the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien for reviewing this video!
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