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In which Hank outlines the first steps in the process of becoming a nerd fighter, and talks about his meeting with Yahoo!


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 Intro and important meetings

Good morning John, it's Wednesday. No, yes, yes, Wednesday. March 14th. (yawn) If it looks like I am cold and tired, it's because I'm cold and tired. ugh (rubs eyes)

I up got early this morning so I could prepare for a phone call. I have two very important meetings today, I had one very important meeting yesterday. This is the most very important meetings I have ever had in a two day period. My very important meeting today starts in 3 minutes and it is with Yahoo. They're uh, like a search engine and they have uh, email and some news and, I don't know. I can't tell you what they are calling about, 'cause it is confidential. It's officially time for me to be calling the Yahoo number and get started at my meeting.

I have finished the Yahoo call. So I started the Yahoo call by mentioning that I've done some research on the people, who I was having a call with, and I didn't say "Oh, looked you up on the Internet" to the people at Yahoo. No, I said: "I Googled you"... uuuhhhg... People at Yahoo don't Google. People at Yahoo would rather you not Google. People at Yahoo, Yahoo. And I don't Yahoo. Other than that, the meeting went very well.

 how to become a nerdfighter (1:29)

John, I've been thinking about Nerdfighters. And I've been thinking that there should be a way to become a Nerdfighter. Possibly a series of tasks. I think the first one of these tasks, is to figure out what kind of Nerdfighter you are. And the second task would be, to write a lyric for the Nerdfighter song from the perspective of that Nerdfighter character.

 Hank's nerdfighter character (1:48)

I think I might be a Magic the Gathering nerd. Do you even know what Magic the Gathering is? When I was in high school, it was one of the nerdiest things you could do. And I was extra-nerdy about it because I was really bad, but I kept playing. The idea is, that you have cards and they're kind of collectible. They rank from really common cards, to really rare cards. But there are rules about the cards. Like you can't play a certain cards unless you have other cards out. And then you can attack using your cards against the other person's cards and your cards have ratings for defense and attack power. It's really, very complicated. When I say complicated, I mean nerdy.

 magic the gathering nerd song (2:22)

OK, I think I figured my Nerdfighter-song.

(takes out guitar, singing)

My collectible card games are underrated,

Complicated and sophisticated.

If you think that my powers could be debated,

Just meet my Shivan Dragon and get burninated.

I'm a Nerdfighter my cards have power,

I'm a wizard of the coast and I rarely shower.

 Outro (2:58)

(does Nerdfighter sign) Nerdfighters! I'll see you tomorrow.

(Brotherhood 2.0 Logo) Do you wanna be a Nerdfighter, too? Click on the side bar at, where it says Nerdfighters, and tell us what kind of Nerdfighter you are. And put in your Nerdfighter lyrics.