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In which Hank introduces you to the people he is making an album with...with a towel over his camera...for sound reasons.

Those people are:
Rob Scallon -
Andrew Huang -
Joe DeGeorge - Doesn't have a YouTube Channel

With help from Nick Jenkins


Good morning John, I'm making an album.  This is terrible sound in here.

Let's fix this.

[Puts towel on head]  

That's better.  Good morning John, I'm making an album.  Sometimes John, you have to make sacrifices, and today I'm sacrificing good video for good audio.  I wouldn't be doing that if I wasn't talking about my album, but I want you to know that I'm dedicated to making things sound good.  Maybe I can bump the ISO up a little bit.  Now I need to fix the white balance.  This is as good as we're gonna get.

So, how am I gonna make an album?  Well, with some of my favorite musicians from the world.  Including the guy who films, edits, and directs Crash Course Chemistry, Nick Jenkins.

[Nick plays guitar riff]

Rob Scallon, of the Rob Scallon YouTube channel.

[Rob plays guitar]

Joe DeGeorge, of Harry and the Potters

[Joe plays accordion]

And Andrew Huang, of songstowearpantsto

[Andrew claps]

Let's let them introduce themselves.

Andrew: My name is Andrew Huang, and my channel is songstowearpantsto where many musical adventures take place.

[Clip from "Rapping without the letter E"]

Clip: Your main bro claims dough from days old on pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.

Hank: What's the weirdest type of music you've ever made?

Andrew: Someone told me to make a sexy song about airplane terminology.

Hank: Who are you?

Joe: I am Joe DeGeorge, ruler of Ephesos.

[Clip from E.T.]

Clip: I'll be right here.

Joe: ... more of, like, a Chancellor.  It's a Democratic state.

Rob: I'm Rob Scallon and I play guitar a lot.

[Clip of Rob playing guitar]

Rob: I rule Giza.

Hank: Oooh.

Rob: So the Pyramids are mine.

Hank: How do you feel about slavery, there?

Rob: Ah...

Katherine: I'm only pro, obviously.


Rob: I obviously am only pro.

Hank: What about you?

Katherine: I'm the card dealer.  Now I'm done.

Andrew: (singing) I believe in a thing called love.  Oooh oooh oooh.

Hank: Do you actually know the worlds fastest clapper?

Rob: I really do.  We have one YouTube video that's on my second channel.  He clapped...

Hank: Can I cut footage to it here?

Rob: Yeah, yeah.


Hank (to Nerdfighters): That makes me interested.  What super-weird skill do you have?  Comments.  I want to make a video montage of all the weirdest skills.   

Rob: That's cool.

Andrew: I have something I can do...

Hank: What's your weirdest skill?

Andrew: No one else in the world can do this.  I can flip my eyelids up.[demonstrates]  See.

Hank: Wait, what?  Wait, what?

Andrew: See the difference. [demonstrates] And this.

Hank: Yes.  Ohh.  Ohhh

Andrew: Yeah, right.  I can.

[voice off-screen]: Oh wow.

Hank: I can do this. [demonstrates sitting and moving his legs]

[voice off-screen]: This one's for the ladies.


Hank: So what weird thing can you do?  I think this would be an amazing collab video for all of us in the world (gibberish)

[playing music]

[voice off-screen]: I love the food here.

[Hank Music]

Hank: It's going really well so far.  They're really talented.  I'm really lucky to be able to work with them.  Some songs you've heard, some songs you haven't, we're going to be covering some songs.  It's pretty cool, I kind of have a band right now, which I've never had before.  Alright, thank you Mr. towel for improving my sound quality and making the video super weird.  And thanks to Nick and Andrew and Joe and Rob for making music with me.  John, I'll see you on Tuesday.


And yes, this is the last day of the twelve days of Pizzamas, so go buy your pizza things now. They will never be available again, except maybe, the like, number one top selling thing, I'm not sure.