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I played a couple of shows this last weekend and Katherine was in the audience and got some good video. Hopefully, I'll also be putting up some stuff that is not me, but I figured I'd do me first.

This was roughly the same as the Seattle show, but Katherine had a better seat in Portland, so the video and audio is better.

Hank Green: So I was just looking at a bunch of venn diagrams--are you guys (?~0:09) venn diagrams?  I love venn diagrams.  And it occurred to me a venn diagram, two circles, one circle is the, the people within 250,000 miles that I would wanna hang out with and then there's the people who are currently in this building who I would want to hang out with, and those two circles are one circle.  


This is a really amazing thing and I'm having a freaking great time, so thank you for that.  I have one more song to play for you.  Raise your hand if you like Star Wars.  Put your hands up if you like Star Trek.  Some extra hands went up, that was good.  This song is about Star Trek.  The first verse of this song is from the perspective of a young (?~1:05).  Didn't say who it was.  (?~1:15) (Laughter) Uh, yeah, and uh, (?~1:30), uh, it's from the perspective of the day of his first command, which for those of you paying attention, was Stardate 42695.3.  

Stardate 42695.3 was a pretty big day for me,
I was given my first command.
But it turned out to be
more difficult then I'd planned.
So I went to Riker
And said 'what if I fail?'
what if I freeze up with a Borg on our tail?
What if the choice I make is wrong?
And Riker said to me
"Wesley, give me break,
its arrogant to think you'll never make a mistake.
But when you're in that position,
you only have to ask yourself one question!"

You ask, what would Captain Picard do?
What would Captain Picard do?
He'd ensure the safety of his ship and his crew
and then complete the mission
and make himself a better person
and bring peace to the galaxy
and he'd do it for free
oh yeah, that's what Captain Picard would do!

I just woke up after three centuries
and my first thought was of money

(this is a slightly more obscure plotline, but I'm sure you guys remember it)

not that my family was gone.
But this bald guy in a jumpsuit said to me
that they'd abolished currency
everything I'd worked for was gone.
Oh, there was nothing to withdraw.
So, I said to him,
"What do you invest in, if you don't have
big corporations?"
He said
"We invest in ourselves, and maybe I should try
that out myself!"

Because that's what Captain Picard would do
Yeah, that's what Captain Picard would do
Oh, he'd ensure the safety of his ship and his crew
and then complete the mission
and he'd make himself a better person
He'd bring peace to the Federation, earn the Klingons' admiration,
oh yeah, that's what Captain Picard would do!

Oh, remember when he told us
to remove the saucer section
even though we were at warp 9
there was no objection
and yeah we could have killed the Borg
using Hugh, but we agreed with the Captain
it was the wrong thing to do
and even after he was tortured for 40 days and nights
he told that Cardassian that
there were four lights

and yeah when you're confused and
the the choice is too hard,
just think of Captain Picard,

Thank you!