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One last round of Hank's many struggles with words on the set of Anatomy & Physiology.


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CC Kids:

H: Your big monozides will eventually roll up to the battle and transform into hungry macrophages replacing the first line of now dead neutrophils and baakk…b  bak… baking a bunch of pies

(intro music)

H: Called spermatogonia which aggg

(voice off camera) Weren’t expecting that were you

H: Spermatogonia

(off camera) Nooo unexpected spermatogonia 

H: Spermatogonia is where I buy all my outdoor gear

(Off camera): laughs

H: sort of proto-nucli that each contain each GAHHHHHahhh ahhhh ahh

leads to greater ur—urrr---urine

activate the cytotoxic ccccesth

and this tells the anterior (mumbles) antuitoer. anterior pituitary … use your words

and passing through an internal uththtis  

(off camera): yeah

H: stupid words

You also have a few special outposts strategically … I hate words

They began by inviting hundreds of fale and memale he he he… male

Tissue box worth of sticky mucus to help your viruses trap. Something got broken

This stuff contains mainly citric acid and an enzyme cocktail DAHHH

This is where the blastocysts differentiates into various cell types and develops into a legit embryo, surrounded by an amniotic sac. And something about the placenta *BEEP*

The antibodies help defend the patient from the virus before their own active immunity could identify and (mumbling gibberish)  


And it mostly includes, (sort of chokes and clears throat)

And one of the most amazing strictures in the mananananmamam mammalian

 *fart noise*


*More random noises that infants make*

Professional antigens pres...

*lots of fart noises*

Special security officers that have the ability to take care of…  orficers

It’s best to arrive on the scene after your compadres have already worked b. . hard work digesting hooooles through the

And it survives

Which if that does happen it has to be rebuilt…. In a shed!

From keeping you from collapsing from low brood plessure brlood blood

From keeping you from collapsing from low brlood plessure … blood pressure is hard

From keeping you from collapsing from low blood pless hhhhhaaa

Blood pressure. Blood pressure. Blood pressure. Blood plessure. Blood plessure

And later through blahhh

Your bodies main lymphoid organs, the lymph nodes, are where the lymph…. . lymph lymph lymph

And controversial … controversiol sol sol

And finally we have the pea sized bulbourethral. That's not easy. And finally we have the pea sized bulbourethral glands. 

Cytotoxic … cytotoxic t cells

All of which we will get a lot more into coming lessons

Allowing *gibberish* 

And where heroes look like T lymphocytes  hahaha. Like if that’s a joke, I like it. Ahhh I like that joke lot, if it is a joke.

Covered from head.. top to bottom from the dismembered parts of the enemies they have vanquished. I haven’t read the script obviously, that’s great.

Some of which have been pretty nutty, like drinking cocktails laced with lead, or wearing amulets made from wwwweasel testicles. It’s like I was making that up.

Others like the thymus and spleen provide a nursery for maturing immune cells called lymphph ph hahaha lymphophites *beeb* I was being so careful too

That tell the placenta to release even more estrogen to get the *noises*

The release of neutrophils from brmmimimim

Forming a little flap like… forming little flap like, flap like, flap like valves. Flap like valves. Forming little flap like valves is hard. Lymph lymph lymph lymph

HCG is basically calling all the shots. Triggering the releases of other hormones, crucial to blastocysts development.  

(Off camera): sounds like I think you gave up on that

H: I give—I gave up on everything. Just happened. You can see the moment it happens.

(Off camera): you can!

H: And maybe someday that little baby will get a twinkle in its eye and combined alleles with somebody else and start the whole process all over again. Gender neutral!

(Off camera): well done. but you dropped a, grow up.

H: someday. A someday is in there. Maybe someday that little baby will get a twinkle… ahhh ok. Yeah you’re right.