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We're all tired of staying home. You've still got a lot of questions about this pandemic. We've got some answers. You can jump directly to a question by clicking on the time stamps below.

0:13 - Should Officeholders Pass Basic Science Tests?

0:55 - Are rural areas safer?

1:26 - What about Covid test error rates?

2:18 - Are antibody tests reliable?

2:43 - What do you think about antibody tests?

3:46 - Has the lockdown gone too far?

5:20 - Can contact tracing be effective?

6:45 - Should I self-isolate for GI symptoms?

7:24 - What are the non-respiratory complications of COVID 19?

8:06 - How do I combat misinformation?

8:54 - What about this Netflix documentary that mentioned coronavirus in 2018?

9:47 - Can you really get the virus from contaminated food?

10:45 - Can air conditioning spread the virus?

11:32 - If I'm at low risk, wouldn't it be better for me to work?

12:24 - Why aren't we making progress in containing the disease?

13:33 - This isn't sustainable. What is going to be sustainable?

14:42 - Without a vaccine, is acquired herd immunity our only path forward?

15:55 - What countries have had the most effective response to the pandemic?

16:24 - What do you think about Sweden's approach?

17:25 - What's the biggest misconception about this pandemic?

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