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In this episode of Games with Hank we find Bill Clinton is rather flirty.

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Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I am the Hank and today, the game is Sims 3! That's right, we're headed back into the... Oh, find the alien! Where's an alien? We're headed back to see how our friends, ex-presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, are doing here in the Sims universe.  

Bill thinks Jimmy is being amusing. Ay hey! All right, oh! I can change outfits, I can go to the community pool.  Wait, I--so, that's Bill Clinton.  I'm going to add the Science career to Jimmy Carter, 'cause he wants to be a robot something-or-other, and Bill Clinton's gotta stare at himself in the mirror, because why wouldn't he?  Do it, Bill.  Wow, your eyes are terrifying!  Heheheh, lips!  I like 'em.  Especially when they're on my face.  Oh, look, Jimmy Carter's found his bed.  Find a job, Jimmy Carter!

So let's see if we can get Jimmy Carter to find a job.  There's like a science, some kind of science thing somewhere, right?  Aha!  Science facility!  Join science career!  Bill is gonna join the business career, that's a life goal of his.  You guys are gonna have careers! 

Yeah, they've had good careers already, y'know, pretty successful guys, but uh, they want to start fresh and they want to do things that they were never able to do before, like make robot animal hybrid things.  The life of science is one of irrefutable truths and respect for nature.  I disagree.  What is the life of science?  The science of life is a thing.  The life of a scientist, but the life of science?  Science isn't alive, it's a concept!  Uh, gardening knowledge as well as an insight to fishing will take one far at the science facility?!  Yeah, that's what I always think, I'm like, 'Who's gonna do well in a science career?  Gardeners and fishermen.' 

The bustling halls of the business--capital business office--need quick thinking Sims to take it to the next level of boardroom values, a strong office relationship, the right attitude, the ability to hold productive meetings, that is important, I agree.  Alright, you're gonna accept that.  Congratulations, Jimmy Carter, you got a job!  Was this happening?  View.  Okay--wha--what', ahhh, that's not what I meant!  God, this game is so confusing!  And I put him right into a taxicab, I was like, oh, you like the outdoors, you're enjoying the view, get in a cab!  Go home! 

Alright, what's Bill doing?  Oh, you're in Central Park, 'cause I told you to do that.  What's this?  Practice chess.  Yeah, go practice chess.  By yourself.  All alone.  It's a little bit sad, Bill Clinton.  You're just staring at pieces by yourself and thinking, 'boy, this is a confusing game of chess.  I've got so--', wait a second.  Hello!  Bill Clinton bein' his Bill Clintoniest right here.  Oh, you're just talkin' about money?  You're like, hey, let's play chess, money, money, money, money, money! 

Oh, we were gonna play--we can't do that--we can't do both at the same time?  Oh, you gotta stand up and not play chess? While we're--I'm confused, why can't we talk and play chess at the same time?  I'm gonna be my special, charismatic self and tell a story.  I'm sorry, I--did I--did I just interrupt her?  I'm sorry.  What are you--what is that above your head?  There were sirens and aw, the cops were there and they took me to the police station and I got arrested, it was really embarrassing, they actually just--they impeached me over the whole thing, they tried, well, they did impeach me, but I didn't have to actually stop being President, so it was okay, the police weren't actually that involved, it was mostly Congress.  Let's--let's do more charisma here.  Let's tell--let's compliment.  Let's compliment.  (Hank garbles in Simlish)   Boy, it sure is easy to talk to people in Sims.  Ask about career.  Yeah, I'm gonna ask, that's a good thing that you do.  Tell me--tell me about yourself, Blair Wainwright.  Oh, I like eebraman.  Oh, she's a snitch.  I just told her that whole story about the police and being arrested.  It turns out she's a snitch for the cops!  Let's not talk about that time I did not inhale!  Alright, well, you two just talk, you two just talk, I'm gonna go see how Jimmy's doin'.

Oh, he's just chillin' out on the bed like a villain.  Chillin' like a villain.  I could go to the park, take a nap, change outfit, daydream some.  Yeah, that sounds good, let's daydream.  What!  Did Bill Clinton just get a date?  Did he?  Did he really?  Oh, man.  This is the first time Bill Clinton has ever flirted!  I'm pretty sure that that is the least accurate statement of all time.  I just sat down to play some chess and now I have a girlfriend! 

You guys got little hearts floating around you.  You have known each other for like seven minutes!  The question is...oh, she came!  I didn't even have to call her, she just showed up!  Oh, I closed the door right in her face.  Uh, should I go--should we go get food afterward?  Dinner and a movie, usually.  That's going to be a great date!  And then I have to ask Blair to be my girlfriend, and also kiss Blair.  So I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend first.  Also, Bill Clinton wants to throw a party.  Bill Clinton has like a thousand life goals. 

Alright, let's go see Jimmy and see what his life goals are.  Uh, he wants to learn handiness skill.  Okay.  That's a little less interesting than Bill's desires, but at the moment, he's just gonna daydream about science, just daydream about science, I also have to go to the bathroom. 

Alright, Bill.  Alright, now you're at this place and starting uh--oh there she is.  I totally left her behind and then--oh, wow!  She changed clothes.  Checka witda booty!  Checka witda booty booty booty!  Everybody's so happy.  We're gonna get a drink.  Everybody's always thinkin' about money.  This guy like, wow.  Mr. Anonymous here.  That is--what is your name?  Gunther.  No, I'm not gonna call you over.  You guys getting along?  No, stop!  I don't wanna talk to you, I'm on a date right now.  Bill met Bessie and had a great time--okay, Bessie?  Who's Bessie?   Who's Bessie?  What--no!  Don't talk to Gunther!  Where is Blair?  What happened to Blair?  Oh my God, Bill!  There, she's right there.  Blair, Blair is your girlfriend.  Wait.  Wait, what?  Oh.  Are you guys fighting over me right now?  Stop!  What?  Why!  Bill is being very alluring.  I didn't realize how hard it was to be Bill Clinton and not have girls constantly falling in love with you.  Can you have more than one girlfriend at a time?  Or boyfriend? 

So--oh--uh-oh, Jimmy Carter's not looking good.  What's wrong?  What's wrong, Jimmy?  He's sleeping.  What's--why are you upset?  He's very hungry.  Why didn't he eat?  Uh, Jimmy Carter has spent all day in his bed, Bill Clinton has very nearly made two girlfriends and also chatted up Gunther for no reason, and uh, and he's already got girls fighting over him, so I guess it's fairly accurate what has been happening here in Simland Simtopia in Sunset Valley Beach. 

Uh, thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this is games with me.  The game is The Sims 3, and I'm the Hank.  Thanks for watching, DFTBA.