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"The Fault in Our Stars is John Green at his best. You laugh, you cry, and then you come back for more." -- Markus Zusak, bestselling and Printz HonorĀ­ winning author of The Book Thief

"An achingly beautiful story" SLJ Starred Review

"A smartly-crafted, intellectual explosion of a romance." Kirkus

"Green shows us true love...and it is far more romantic than any sunset on a beach." -- NYTimes Book Review

Who came or is coming to see us on tour or who has gotten / purchased / read / reviewed / shared The Fault in Our Stars.

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A Bunny
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Hank: Good morning John!

John: Good Morning! (Montage of various Nerdfighters’ videos) Nerdfighter 1: I'm going to the bookstore to get The Fault in Our Stars. Nerdfighter 2: This package does not exist until January 10th. Nerdfighter 3: (Laughing crazily) Is it time? Is it time? Nerdfighter 4: It's a two hand job... ugh. Nerdfighter 2: It's January 10th, which means this package is able to be opened. So I'm gonna do that now.

John: I signed your book! (from an old vlog playing on someone's phone) Nerdfighter 5: It’s signed! Nerdfighter 6: J-scribble. Nerdfighter 2: Oh my god I get to see it! Nerdfighter 3: Oh my god! There's a Hanklerfish! Nerdfighter 7: (Squeals excitedly) Nerdfighter 8: Blue ink. Nerdfighter 9: It looks nice, doesn’t it? Nerdfighter 4: Love it!

Hank: John, I know that you're standing, like, 20 feet away from me right now.

John: Hi hank, how are ya?

Hank: No, you can't be here for this

John: Bye.

Hank: I can't say it to you in person because, you know, we're brothers, but I'm really proud of you and I'm really proud of The Fault in Our Stars and I'm really proud of what you’ve done with this book. Every review has been fantastic, everyone has starred it, everyone on Amazon loves it, and I love it. You’ve accomplished a really great thing here. A couple of announcements while I'm waiting out here for you to finish your phone call: Um, 1) if you bought the audiobook from DFTBA records, do not watch the DVD before you read or listen to the book because there are spoilers in the DVD. 2) While we're on tour, we're doing a thing called Nerd Cache where we leave, uh, buttons, bags of buttons, in places. You can only find out about that by following us on Twitter. Thank you to all of the people whose videos I used in this video, especially TEKSTartist who did an AMAZING The Fault in Our Stars text… thingy, which I linked to, of course, in the description. And thanks for Alex Day's “Forever Yours”; you’ve been listening to the instrumental version. And thank you to everyone who has purchased and is reading The Fault in Our Stars and is posting pictures of themselves on Tumblr with it. John, to be honest, it's an honor to be your brother, it's an honor to be on this tour with you, and I will see you - well actually I can see you right now, you're right over there.