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Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Night 2 Complete: Today Hank Green plays Night 2 of FNAF! After A NUMBER OF TRIES and some VERY HIGH STRESS MOMENTS I have some good news!

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Game Played:

Hank: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank! I'm Hank and this is games with me! Today, the game is going to be Five Nights at Freddy's 2, again.

Hank: Alright, last time, I got through the first night, and then died almost immediately on the second night. I hear the second night is when it starts to get hard. I-I can confirm that with my previous experience - and, also, watching all of Markiplier's videos so far. I NEEDED to watch those videos because it makes me a little less terrified to go in by m'self - which I'm gonna do now, with a little bit of the wisdom that Mark has gained. According to Steam, I've been playing Five Nights at Freddy's for 41 hours 'cause, um, maybe I left it on for the last - wow... How could I possibly... The game hasn't even been out for 41 hours. Well, I left it on, so let's just open it back up and put my headphones on...

Hank: [to his headphones] Where are ya?

Hank: Oh! Something is happening.

[strange, demonic groaning sounds, spells out "E M S A V E T"]

Hank: [speaking over the groaning] Alright, we are recording, um, and some... Uh... This was just open. I-I accidentally left Five Nights at Freddy's open for... A long time - more than a day. And now this is happening, and there's a demon Speak-and-Spell talking to me and I am, maybe, a night watchman. There's a bloody ghost and some blood on the ground.

[high-pitched static noise]

Hank: I guess, oh, well, that was it, I guess. Well, so that... Surprise...! Five Nights at Freddy's 2. We're going to continue again with night number 2. And we're gonna skip this guy's commentary-talk-thing 'cause that's just no fun at all for me.

Hank: Alright, what's goin' on? Alright. Here we go. Alright, okay. We're go... We got control turns on that light, that light. That turns on... That does this. And then this, this, this, this, this, this. Doot, doot, doot, doot... Doot, doot, doot. Okay. So, ya gotta put the mask on 'cause then they think that you're one of them and it's okay - and sometimes people say, "Hello," to you, and that's extra-creepy. Uh, gotta keep the music box wound up because if you don't keep the music box wound up, something terrible happens. No one has ever told me what it is.

Hank: Okay, bun-bunny is still in the same place. Aahh, chicky-chicky! Oh, there's also, uh, th-that scary two-headed Jeffica. Uh, Jeffica is what I-I named, last game, the-the, uh, pirate from the Pirate Cove.

[metallic clanking]

Hank: [speaking over the clanking] Fi-that's a scary noise. Why isn't... Why isn't my...? Hoohhh! Okay! You're supposed to flash 'em - you're supposed to flash 'em with the light! And then, maybe, they won't attack you if you keep flashing them with the light? Apparently? That's what I heard! You got there fast.

[metallic clanking continues]

Hank: Alright, that sound, apparently that sound means - oh, god, I forgot about the music box, you guys. Ooh, clicky, clicky - oh, it was so close. No, no! Flash it, flash it, flash it, flash it! What am I flashing? Pick up the light. Ooohhhhh, alright. Sounds like there's something in the... Oh god, oh god - the music box. See, I am not - I am not doing a good job.

Hank: I am not doing a good - hello, little boy. Hello, bunny. Oh my goodness. Alright, that's - you got some hips on you, girl! Your hips... Don't lie. Ohhh, you're in there! Huh, alright, everyone's - ohh, I forgot about this, I forgot about the music box. I forgot about the music box - I forgot the music box. Aaaahhh - hello? Hello? You're still there - you're still hiding. Ohhh, you too. Everybody's just having a fun time.

[short screech noise]

Hank: Aaahhhoohhh!

Hank: What? Come on, give me a chance! We're gonna move right on in back into the game and it's gonna be fine. Continue with night 2. Everything's - ah, man, I can't believe you gotta start over from midnight. Aaahhh! 

Hank: [groaning] 

Hank: Doo, doo da doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, do doo, doo da, doo. So there are, uh, there are, these are the three new ones. And then on the ground there's a bunch of old, disused ones that they've been using for scrapped parts. There's also this balloon boy, and there's one of those that's Jeffica's maybe brother, sister - I'm not sure. There's Foxy. Uhh, and there's the ones that are scraps. So there's one here on the ground. There's Freddy - scrapped Freddy. And this one has no face, so that's no good. You wanna have a face, generally. Uh, doesn't really matter what you are, it's nice to have a face - unless you're, like, a worm or possibly a single-celled organism, you want a face. That's one of the things I've learned in my 34 years of being a human is that, in general, face - like, I'm pro-face, like, just the things that are maybe gonna kill me, I like them to have faces, as well.

Hank: So I guess nothing happens for a while, it feels like, in the second night and then it all starts to happen all at once. There's like, there's like ten enemies in this game and they all have slightly different ways of behaaaaaaaahh! ... Behaving. Gotta turn on my music box - ohhh hey there. Hey there Jeffica's brother or sister. Maybe you're Jessica. We've got Jeffica and Jessica. And that's, uh, you're just hanging out there on the ceiling 'cause that’s weird. Alright, nobody's coming down the hallway? No? There's, like, not much is goin' on, uh.

[creepy children's laughter in background]

Hank: Heeeyyyy something's very funny. Something is funny for the little - for the little boy, little balloon-head boy. Propeller-head boy thinks it's hilarious. Heeeeyyyyy, how's it goin' chicky-chicky-chicky? You want to give me a cupcake - I don't want your cupcake, thank you. Does this - does this - Like, duh, duh, duh. Bah boo bah boo, boo, boo, boop boo, boo, bah boop bah boo boop boo boop boo, boo. We're having a rave. Rave with chicky. Oooohhh you're close! You’re close! Hello - oohhh my goodness that's a lot there's two of you now. Two! Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash. Have a nice, fun rave time.

Hank: Ohhh, there's a bunny in the - there’s a bunny in there. Ohhhhh, ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh - oh god, I gotta turn, gotta wind the music box. Gotta wind the music box so that -
[short screech noise]

Hank: Ahhhhhhh!

Hank: Stupid bunny! Dang it! We're at two a.m. that is - time goes very slowly in this game and I don't like it. Heeeeyyyy! How's it goin'? Flashy, flash, flash dah-flash. And then, uh, let's wind up the music box ‘cause that's happening fast. Alright, this is probably - this is another situation that could be solved by a little bit of automation and that l feel like would be - oh hey there, Jeffica, how's it goin’? The hook-hand's not terrifying at all. Alright, nobody in there. Hello? You're gone. Okay, I caught Jeffica - everything’s fine. Ohh, man this game is high stress, I have to say.

Hank:  Oh there's somebody in the vent - somebody in the vent. It’s chicky-chicky bang-bang. She’s ready for me. Alright, let’s wind the box. Wiiiiind up the box. Okay, are you in there? You’re in there. Put on the mask – the-the. Okay, there’s plenty of stuff – plenty of juice.

[clanking noises]

Hank: Hello? Oh god, can I… Okay, we lost her. She’s gone. Freddy’s here, though – new Freddy is here and havin’ a rave in the hallway. He’s gonna play - flash that real fast. Uh, who just said, “Hello,” to me? Is it you? Ohhh, there's - ohhh we’re busy – we’re busy.

Hank: Gonna wind up the music box – and I’m most certainly going to die right now. I didn’t die – I didn’t die. Gotta keep winding up the music box. I thought I was going to almost certainly die just then and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die right now. I didn’t die.

Hank: Flash, flash Freddy. [singing] Flash, flash Freddy.

Hank: Uhhhhh, ohh, ohh – why? Go away, Freddy – jeez, nobody likes you. Hiiiii, hii, hiii, hiii – it’s great to hear from you. Oh no, oh no, oh no – I don’t like it when I can’t… Ohh, you’re down there, huh? Well, I’m gonna put that on and you’re gonna go away, right? Are ya gonna go away? Please-go-away-please-go-away-please-okay-go-away-please. Oh, what’s happening?

Hank: Hiiiii there. I will – one of you were friends, okay. Ohh man, that made mah heart beat fast. Alright, Jeffica isn’t fooled by the mask – Jeffica is too clever for the mask, so let’s make sure that we flash lots of lights into the eyes of the, hahhhhh. God, that’s not what I was expecting. Oh, four A.M., you guys, four A.M.

Hank:  Hooooohhh, chicky chicker. Hopefully I flashed Jeffica enough that he’s not gonna kill me. Okay, we’re in the mask. Okay, is he still there? You’re not there anymore. Okay, that’s good. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? I would like to flash – ohhhhh man. Oh, there’s two of you. Okay, we gotta – oh, wrong thing. I pushed the wrong button, you guys, I pushed the wrong button. That’s terrible news. Uh, huh, huh-huh-huh-huh-huh. Okay, alright, are you – that thing appears to have two heads, which is no good at all. Alright, let’s wind the music box a little more.

Hank: We’re at five A.M., you guys, we’re at five friggin’ A.M. Okay, alright, alright. Oh gosh, oh that was close – that was close, that was close. Oh my god, my heart is beating so freaking hard right now. Hello? Five A.M., five A.M. Oh god, we have plenty – turn the music box. Okay, oh god, oh god – please, time pass, pass time, please pass. Oh god, oh my god my heart is beating so freaking fast – please, please time, please pass faster. There’s someone in the vents – I can hear them in the vents. Oh my god. My dog’s freaking out ‘cause I’m yelling so loud. No, no, no, no, no, no, no-no-no – let me flash the light, let me flash the light. Alright, alright. I can handle you – I can handle the chick. I can handle the chicky chick. No problems, I can handle the chicky chick. Alright, alright, just – it’s five A.M., I don’t… I’m pretty sure that I’m good on the music box – just gonna let the music box wind down…

Hank:  Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Second night at Freddy’s completed! Oh my god, this game is terrifying. Why am I so scared right now?

Hank: What is this? Oh, I’m back in the suit. I’m back in the suit.

[creepy music playing in the background]

Hank: Oh my god, this music so scary. Wow. My god, I’m so freaked out. They’re looking at me like they know I’m here – like they’re aware that they’ve been infiltrated by an external enemy. They know, you guys - they know! ... They know.

Hank:  Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank. The game has been Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, and I have been Hank. If you want to click that “Like,” button, I sure wouldn’t mind. DFTBA.