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Neverending Nightmares, Part 5: Today Hank Green finds himself playing the most disturbing episode of Neverending Nightmares yet!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games With Hank. This is games with me. Hank.
We're heading back into Never ending Nightmares again because I am a glutton, apparently. Um, I've just woken up in bed with my sister! But she's my wife? I guess?

(Begin game)

Alright, I guess I should take this candle, since I can. Sleep well... honey...?
Yes, I definitely should take this candle, because it is dark! It is dark today in my house! Let's go! Let's...oh, it's very dark. Way terrifying.
Alright, this hallway ended. Can I run with the candle in my head?
Oh geez. I just got, I just got the goosebumps. *sings* You never know, what's going to be right in front of you - oh, goodness gracious. I got married to my sister. All the creepiest things that can happen to you in nightmares. No - no taboo is left... un...explored. Wow. That took me a long - that took me a long time to say.
Yay! No candles!
Ahhh... OK, this is gonna be Latin? This is going to be Latin? It is. It's a different page of, uh, I think the Bible, but it is still the Bible, and there's... I can't believe.... oh my god. Of all the places you were going to put a candle. One candle in the whole house. You put it on a bookshelf. Right underneath some wood.
You are going to cause a fire.
Oh, there's a handle! A handle here!
Milk! Was it milk, or was that... not-milk?
You made someone cry. You shouldn't have drank that person's milk, Jeff! You made them very sad.
Did she tell me to go have some milk? Is that what she told me to do, that I hadn't been paying attention? I think she told me, like, last episode, I think she told me to go have some milk. So I was going up to get a glass of milk, and I'm going to come back to bed now, I think is what's happening. But with a lot of walking in between, so maybe I should - well, she's gone now. She's gone now, so - but there's a new door, so let's go through that. (Nervous laugh).
Aw man, oh, it's the room again. It's the room that I just left. I'm in it again.
I've seen this episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the same room. I'm going through the... room... I went through before! This nightmare... sure has a way of not ending!
Hey, alright, I guess I'm going to go through this door this time? Or should I just keep on going through that door? I don't know....
Gaby, honey, I'm ho-ome! I had some mi-ilk! I'm baack... OK, we're just, we're just going in circles, so let's try this. Alright, now we're out. We, uh, OK... alright, somebody's pointing at a piece of paper. That's nice. Just doing some law, it looks like.
My guess is, my guess is - I haven't researched this - that these are the kickstarter supporters and they got worked into the game which is quite cool.
Um, that's just Colonel Bossypants. Up there on the wall. OK.
(Loud roar)
AHHH a bear! That's a surprise! Hi bear! Are we just friends? OK, let's be friends... hehe... OK, you're a nice bear. You're just... OK... that's OK, just a bear.
Do some jogging, because it's starting to get, starting to get a little boring. We just had jump scare with the bear so we're probably not going to have another one for a while... (Jeff pants).
You're OK, Jeff. I need to keep you running so that you can be doing a l-
(Scraping noise)
I don't like this! I don't like this at all! Heeey... OOOH! RIGHT IN HALF! O...K... oh... there you are! (Scraping noise). You're going to kill me if you just walk up to me? I don't like it at all!
Hello? Did you stop?
Scrapeys? Hello? Where'd you go, scrapers? Oh, you're gone. OK, that's normal. Wow, man. Well, I got here. With the dead animal heads, so that's not nothing. Oh, a billiard table! That can't be bad!
I'm going to go in here, so hopefully that will cause me to save.
It's a toilet room.
This is a half-bath, it looks like.
Uh, with blood. Blood in the sink. I, I don't know why. Why? Why? I don't know. Sometimes there's blood in the sink. You get a bloody nose and there's blood in the sink, that's why...
Alright let's go in this room. What's in this room? Everything's a surprise. It's just a bedroom, it's just another bedroom and this one has a - wow that's a scary, scary picture of a women under a blanket and a baby. I don't know why that's so creepy but it is!
Ugh...who knows? Things are creepy even when it doesn't make any sense for them to be creepy and-but they are and they're creepy and don't think anybody can disagree. Okay...
(Scraping noise)
(Scraping noise)
It's creepy let's just-if I get you out of the screen,
(Scraping noise)
You stop scraping. Okay you've stopped scraping. That's your mechanic I just have to walk away after I see you and then you won't be there anymore and that's fine, I can do that. I am capable..of doing that. 

Okay, Scrapey not home.  No Scrapey.  Scrapey girl's not here.  Okay.  Goin' downstairs, time to go down some more stairs, Jeff!  Ya know ya like goin' down stairs, ya do it all the time.  Aaaah gaaah, oh man, there hadn't been a jump scare on the stairs before, but I did not expect that.  Haaah, alright.  Everything is so dark.  There's bread!  Bread is a fine thing to have on th--those fruits are rotting, but the bread looks nice.  Alright, let's go on back and I can't believe it's getting dark outside, that's making it even creepier uh, because it's getting to be wintertime in Montana, so it's gettin' dark at like 5pm and that is not--ohh, Scrapey, alright, hi, Scrapey girl, it's good to see you again, let's just not okay.  Let's run.  Let's run straight into her, okay, she's gone.  Everything is fine.  Oh my God, stop gasping like that, Jeff, it freaks me out.  Okay.  This is very much like a dream, and I think that that is the point.  Okay, this is the only door option I have, my hands are very sweaty, oh the crying.  More of the crying.  Is that a cheese filled with needles?   They just put needles--oh, no, it's mushrooms.  It's just fungi growing out of the cheese.  That's not--that's not--oh yeah, moldy bread, fungal cheese, other fungal foods, it's been a while since that dinner was set.  People haven't been around to consume it, which is probably, at this point, a good thing.  Glad I can't smell what's happening in this place.  Somebody's been working at the meat.  

Ohh, Gabby.  You don't even have a sister, silly!  Where am I now?  I'm in this room with the birdcages and the flour sack is empty.  There's a door over here.  I didn't come from this door, did I?  I don't even know anymore.  Hello?  Did I?  Am I going backwards now?  I will be very embarrassed if I was going backwards now.  I don't know though.  Let's just see if this is familiar.  I would l--thanks for the message, I don't think I've been in--I've definitely seen the stoned guy painting before, but I don't think it was in a room like this.  So I guess I'm going the right way?  I guess?  

Uhhh.  Uhhhh.  Uhhhhhhhhhhh.  AHHHH!  Ha!  Almost got chopped, eff!  AAAAH!  HAAAAAH, okay, that hasn't happened before, so I guess that's--oh man, I'm freaking out right now!  Whoa.  Okay.  Okay.  That hasn't happened before, that's a new one.  That was a new one.  Alright, is that creepy hand gonna come back?  Probably not.  Why would it come back?  I'm just gonna stay way far back, away from the screen.  'Cause that's less creepy, alright?  Having a hard time, Jeff, you having a bad day?  I'm having a bad day.  Thanks to you.  Whoa.  Uh-oh.  My candle went out.  My candle went out.  I can see very little of what's happening now.  

This is very scary, I am very afraid, I'm talking to alleviate my fear.  Someone just called me on the phone and I cannot answer because I am too scared and they'd be like 'what's wrong, Hank?' and I'd be like 'hahahaahahaha there's this Scrapey girl and she just keeps cutting me in half and it's very dark' AAAAAAAAAAAH.  OH GOD.  Ohhhh man.  Why did that happen?  That was a lot of bodies.  Ohhh.  All I'm doing is pushing 'D', that is the only thing I know how to do.  I can push 'Enter' every once in a while.  AAHH ohhh mother of Pete!  Hah.  That stopped it from going for a while.  I don't know, maybe it sped up, maybe it slowed down, I don't know, but I felt a physical pain in my heart muscle.  Oh, God.  Bloody Eyes.  I forgot his name for a while.  Okay, we got Bloody Eyes, we got bodies in the forest, OHHHHH Gabby!  That didn't look good.  That did not--that did not look good.  Gabby.  Okay, the--ohhh, hi Scrapey, hi, Scrapey, aahh!  OHHHHH!  OKAY.  

MAN!  What!  Well, thanks, we're gonna have to put a disclaimer on the beginning of that one!  WOW.  'Kay, thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this has been games with me, Hank, and this is Neverending Nightmares, and I don't really wanna talk about it, so let's just end the episode, alright, that sounds good?  Sounds good to me, alright, DFTBA.