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For a long time I've wanted to talk more in depth about vibrators but I have this thing against them -- they vibrate. Vibrations tend to hurt my hands so holding them up to demonstrate them or use them on my own body is annoying.

This video is my solution to that personal and professional dilemma. I came up with 50 ways to hold vibrators in place without having to use my tender hands. And I managed to describe them all while rhyming!

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*Certain items in this video are ineligible for discount.

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Dr. Lindsey Doe: This episode was sponsored by Adam & Eve.

-- Intro Cut Scene --

My first job was landscaping, age sixteen.
I weeded, built stone walls, moved things and cleaned.
Most of it was easy, like riding the lawn mower,
But one thing I hated was the horrid leaf blower.

Its engine was too strong
It tormented my hands
Shaking them furiously
Too much to withstand.

Even years later, and with a new job
vibrations still hurt badly and made my palms throb.
I am Dr. Lindsey Doe, doc of sexuality
Host of Sexplanations - hating vibes? How can this be?

It is a strange dilemma, but now I have a plan
50 ways to hold vibrators, without using my hand.

First you've got the basics: squeezed between the thighs.
Pushed between couch cushions. and in the purse disguised.
Wear it in your pants, down the leg or down the back
You can hold it with a belt there, or a stylish fanny-pack.

My favorite is quite simple: a toy within a toy!
Cuddle it or straddle it. Yep. That works, Oh boy!
There's suction vibes for chairs, and up against the wall,
Stick it to the table, shower, window, bathroom stall.

Panties are quite clever, you can slip the vibe right in,
They come in lacy thongs, bikini cuts and briefs for him.
There's also bondage systems, like these by "Knotty Boys"
All you need is rope or tape to hold your precious toys.

You can lie your vibrator along the cunnic curves
It's another way to stimulate the clit and all its nerves.
Ride it like a saddle: here, here, here, here or here
Just be safe while driving - turn it off, you need to steer.

Some students down in Texas, smartly replaced their Glocks.
Instead of guns inside their slings, they have vibrating cocks.
Another hands-free tactic, attack it to a drone.
While your friend controls it, you can focus on your moan.

Ceiling hooks and beams or around the panel guides,
Can dangle vibes down to your crotch attached with cords and ties.
This one's made for breasts, it's held up with a bra.
There are vibes for nipples too, that clamp on - ooh la la.

Want some stimulation, in the bath, ocean or pool?
Well there's vibrating rubber ducky, and vibrating foam noodle!
Neither of them need for you to use your tender hands,
Place them on the sweet spot and "Oh my God, Hot Damn!"

Harnesses with strap-ons are another sexy style
You can go with one like this or this for that extra mile.
This one sends vibrations to a partner on one end,
While the other part, held by a cunt or anus goes within.

Vaginas can hold vibrators, see my pal in red?
It holds a buzz against the mons and on your partners head.
There's also this vibrator, held with pussy strength
That has a second shaky part, nine inches in length.

Isn't it impressive? What a bod can do?
All these holes, no hands, no pain - the pleasure will ensue!
Add the anus to the list, it's got a lusty grip
Each of these are held with sphincters, all in or just the tip!

The mouth's another place for vibes, but they'll surely shake your teeth.
I would recommend this one instead - mouth guard, vibe underneath.
Another kind slips on your tongue to vibrate as you blow
So when you're tired of licking, the toy helps your partner "Oh!"

Penises can hold vibes too, cock rings, lassos and sleeves
Just put them on your dick like this and fuck or stroke with ease!
This one, with its shape so odd, is why it works for me
It's advertised to hug your bits with a curve of letter C.

A popular hands-free model is a vibe called butterfly,
It has elastic bands to hold it with your butt and thighs.
This vibrator's long enough for you to use your feet
Put it in your soles and cheer - the list is now complete!

There are also toys for fingers, hands and on the wrist,
but I choose not to put them there when other ways exist.
Vibe vibe vibe vibe vibe vibe vibe, 50 hands-free variations
There's certainly more to add though, so stay curious! Signed Sexplanations.

These toys and many more of them are found in one location. my friends is that shopping destination.
I want to thank their company, for sponsoring this show, 
hooking me up with all these vibes, and the promo: DOE.

When it's used to checkout, on something with vibrations, 
you will get a half-off discount and pleasurable sensations.

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