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Ever feel like you're the only adult who embarrasses themselves? Get ready to stand corrected! :D In this video, Emma, Mike, and Josh Sundquist embarrass themselves, all for your amusement!

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Created by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
Mike is also a Young Adult novelist. His book, THE END GAMES, is available at all online booksellers, including
Indiebound ( ) and Amazon: (

Hosted by:
Emma Mills, T. Michael Martin, & Josh Sundquist

Directed by:
T. Michael Martin

Edited by:
Nathan Talbott

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green

Emma: I'm trying to look seductive.  It's not working.

I'm an adult person.

Josh: Just don't fall, and my new member
Off Camera: (laughs)
Josh: That's awkward. 

Mike: You actually m--oh!
Emma: So close!
Mike: Aahhh!
Emma: Aaaaahhhhhh!
Mike: Okay.

Emma: While lines of credit show that you can--oh no!  It's cursed!

Emma: Purposes--purpothes.

Emma: We're gonna go door to door with our plastic--
Mike: BOO!
Emma: Oh my GOD!  That wasn't nice!

Mike: *My pants over time.*  Make monthly pants-- *sigh*

Emma: That was gonna be the best catchphrase of all time and you missed it!

Mike: Uh, I don't have any employees though.  I just have you. 

Emma: Tony--Tony Horton's, oh my God.
Mike: Tony Horton's, I know.
Emma: Tornie--Tornie Horton.  Tornie Horton.

Emma: Hmm, okay.  It's easy to--hm.  Please let us know what should--hm. Hm. Hm.

Mike: Okay, Mike, God, why do I keep saying my name?
Emma: (laughs)
Mike: It's in the script, but it's not actually supposed to be said.

Mike: Friems and -- friends and famry!

Mike: Get all grandular with what with what you wa--wha?
Emma: Grandular?
Mike: Grandular!  That's like grandly grandular.
Emma: Grandular.

Mike: Is it okay, does it sound like I'm, like, talking about 'diabeetus' or something?
Emma: (laughs)

Mike: That you can control your spending to only pay -- bah!
Emma: You can do it!

Mike: One, two, three, god dang it, let's do it again. It's one through - 1 through three, what is my problem?
Emma: (laughs)

Emma: So this time of yearrrrrr -- okay.

Emma: But how do we make sure that we achieve those goals? You refuse (laughs)
Mike: (laughs)

Emma: naaagh!

Mike: Which is like 2.7 TVs. And that's not even three t -- three thr -- 3D TVs -- three T -- three TVs? Three T -- T -- screw it.

Mike: Thing about what amount -- da dang it.

Emma: So this -- mmmmrrrrr. Boost your tanrrrrrrr.

Mike: Have a lot of extra minutes or extra moolah. So we're gonna take that again.
Emma: (laughs)

Mike: To help you stack those victories, it -- 
Emma: (laughs)

Mike: It doesn't hurt to get a little something below to presents. Below the trees, god dang it, what I meant to say.

Mike: Or finish your Sherlock fan fic novel, or build -- 
Emma: So I can read it! Sorry. (laughs)
Mike: That's okay. That is okay.

Emma: It's easy to cah -- yamama.

Emma: Ungmama.

Mike: (laughs)
Emma: Nyananana.

Emma: Helps to plan ahead. *sigh* Helps to *sigh* And to plan ahead. Plan ahead.
Mike: Just spread them out a little.
Emma: Just spread them out a little!

Mike: And when all of a sudden Emma bursts through the window, and she screams "catch phrase roasting on an open fire!" And just grabs it and throws it into the flames. And I --

Emma: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmk.

Mike: What am I supposed to do? Spent all ye -- year knitting the catch phrase and it's gone, blink of an eye. Gone. It's all burned.