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Learn more about Toys for Tots and the Make A Wish foundation, plus catch all of your favorite highlights from the finale of the Project for Awesome 2010 Live Show!

 Corey Vidal and Wheezy Waiter's skit

Hello everybody. My name is Corey Vidal and I am just waiting for Wheezy Waiter to get here, because the two of us are going to do an epic thumb war. He's just... not here yet. So I'm gonna... kill some time.

Craig: Hey Corey.

Corey: Oh.

Craig: Sorry I'm late.

Corey: Perfect!

Craig: Just... traffic. Yeah.

Corey: Um, traffic?

Craig: Yeah.

Corey: Okay, um... Why do you have a lamp? We don't need that for our skit.

Craig: The lamp?

Corey: Yeah.

Craig: How about this is a souvenir? Um... My Grandfather used to make lamps- it's kind of... Lamps are special to me.

Corey: Have you tried using that lamp to get your wishes?

Craig: Wishes?

Corey: Yeah. You know, you can rub a lamp and a genie will pop out and grant you three wishes and...

Craig: That's fairy tales and magical wonderland!

Corey: No, it's not!

Craig: Yes it is.

Corey: Is that Scarlett Johansson?

Craig: Where?! I heard that she just broke up with Ryan Reynolds! And... You took my lamp.

Corey: Mmm hmm.

Craig: What- don't!

Corey: Don't what?

Craig: Don't- don't rub it.

Corey: Why not?

Craig: Don't do that!

(Corey rubs the lamp)

Craig: Oh, God! Ahhhhh! (falls down)

(Craig stands back up)

Craig: You jumped the lamp of the genie. Now I will grant your wishes three.

Corey: You are the genie?

Craig: It is true. You have good luck. I'm the genie, and it sucks.

Corey: (laughing) I really wish you would stop rhyming.

Craig: Done! Ohhh, thank you.

Corey: That wasn't my wish!

Craig: Yeah, it was. Thank you, I really don't like talking in rhyme. (Corey sighs as Craig laughs)

Corey: I wish you would have told me you were a genie earlier!

Craig: Done! You're making this quick.

Corey: (sighs heavily) I remember earlier when you distinctly told me that you were a genie. That was my second wish!

Craig: Yeah, thank you!

Corey: That's stupid!

Craig: We're blowing through this! So... What's your third wish?

Corey: Don't- don't use the W word! But um... Okay. I wish for... world peace.

Craig: That's a little vague. Like, what's- what's peace. No war? No fighting? No rock music? No fun? What's- what's peace? What's real peace?

Corey: Let's say no war. No more war.

Craig: Are you sure?

Corey: Yes.

Craig: You gotta-

Corey: I'm positive.

Craig: You gotta say it.

Corey: Oh, sorry. I- I wish for no war.

Craig: Done!

Corey: Done?!

Craig: Done!

Corey: Just like that?

Craig: No war!

Corey: That easy?

Craig: Yep!

Corey: Huh. No war.

Craig: (sighs) Now what do you wanna do?

Corey: Um... Well, we were supposed to do that epic thumb war for-

Craig: Okay.

Corey: -everybody watching.

Craig: Let's do it.

Corey:  Okay, thumb war time.

Corey and Craig: One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war!

Corey: It's so peaceful!

Craig: It's pretty nice.

Corey: (sighing happily) No war! (whispers) What have I done?!

(Corey and Craig exit off-screen)

 Shay talks about Toys4Tots with Sgt. Poole

(2:40) Shay: (laughs) Hi Mom! Look - I told you I don't need college! I made it on the big screen! (laughs) Hey guys, Shay Carl here. We're doing the Project for Awesome. Hilarious skit, Wheezy!

Craig: Thank you!

Shay: And Corey!

Craig: Thank you-

Shay: No more war. They were rubbing their thumbs. That was great. I hope you guys are having a fun time watching the show. We're having a blast! We're all backstage, nervous and... I- I'm sweaty. I'm sure I look sweaty. That's what I do best! I'm here to introduce the giving-to-the-children section of the Project for Awesome. We're gonna be talking about Toys4Tots. Right now, we're gonna watch a video about Toys4Toys and then we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk a little bit about the organization and what you can do to help! Cut to the video!

(Toys4Tots video begins)

Pete Osman: Sometimes people wonder - that new toy at Christmas - what long-term good might that bring to a youngster? We'll get feedback over the years from individuals, and it's amazing how that sticks.

Paulette: I had lost my husband. He had a massive heart attack. My kids, for Christmas, thought they wasn't gonna get anything because they knew I had no money. 'Cause we received a fire truck, one of my sons is now a firefighter. Toys4Tots made it possible. Made my kids' dreams come true.

Pete: The gift of a new toy at Christmas time really does send a message of hope to that less-fortunate child.

Donald: We serve as Marines. We also serve our community, providing toys to our children, and we'll keep that tradition going for as long as we can.

(Toys4Tots video ends)

Shay: Alright, we're back! Thanks for that video. I am here with Sergeant Poole, who is a Marine. And she could kick my butt - in fact, she has twice already. (Sergeant Poole laughs). Alright Sergeant Poole, you're from the Toys4Tots organization and you're here to tell us more about it!

Sgt. Poole: Yes. Actually, Toys4Tots is the Marine Corps Reserves community program, and it goes annually, every year on the holidays. Um, we like to provide new, unwrapped toys to child in need, nation-wide.

Shay: One thing I didn't know at all, and I feel like an idiot for not knowing this, is the Marines - there's a Marine that started Toys4Tots, what, like 50 years ago?

Sgt. Poole: It actually started in 1947. He was a reserve major. His name was Major Bill Hendricks, and he started the first Toys4Tots program, actually here in LA.

Shay: And he was a- in the military - he was a marine at the time?

Sgt. Poole: That's right.

Shay: So he was like, "I'll serve my country AND start an amazing organization!"

Sgt. Poole: Yep!

Shay: That guy is awesome. I wish I was more like him. (Sgt. Poole laughs) Alright so, a few things... Um, the Toys4Tots accepts new, unwrapped gifts and um, something like how- 400 million gifts have been given over the 50 years - whatever you guys have been running?

Sgt. Poole: That's right. That's right. We accept new, unwrapped toys, um ages 0 - like, from birth - all the way to 15, so we can't forget about those older kids.

Shay: Yeah. Yeah.

Sgt. Poole: Yeah, they're always- like, well-

Shay: Left out, yeah.

Sgt. Poole: -they're the ones that it's more difficult to kind of buy for.

Shay: Yeah.

Sgt. Poole: But you know, board games and things like balls, things like that really go well for those kids. But yeah, um, new, unwrapped toys and um... That's what we're-

Shay: Sweet, sweet. I know - me and my family just did a Toys4Tots organization thing. We went and- it was so fun for my kids to be able to get toys that they knew-

Sgt. Poole: Oh, yeah!

Shay: -that they were gonna give. 'Cause they have so many fricking toys! (Sgt. Poole laughs) I walk around the house and I'm like, "we're getting rid of all of these!" So um... Be sure, you guys, go to - what's um- what- they want us to tweet something?

Sgt. Poole: Yeah, you can tweet #p4a and you actually tweet your favorite toy from your favorite Christmas, and like, how it's kind of impacted you. I know mine was a guitar. I absolutely loved it - I got it when I was twelve.

Shay: You play guitar?

Sgt. Poole: Yeah, I play guitar.

Shay: Why don't we have a guitar out here for this lady? (Sgt. Poole laughs) Seriously impressive. Um yeah, I got- one year - my favorite gift, I got a peach faced love bird. Like, a real bird.

Sgt. Poole: What?!

Shay: It was in a sack. And it used to bite my sister's feet, and I thought it was hilarious. (Shay and Sgt. Poole laugh) You can't donate birds to Toys4Tots but you can - any new toys. Um... Well thank you so much for being here, and be sure, you guys, to go check out the website. And don't be selfish! Give some toys to the tots! It makes a big difference. We're going to go to one more video right now and then we're coming back in just a second. Take it away, video!

(Toys4Tots video begins)

Donald: I can recall the one Christmas where all I had was one toy. But that was one toy. I did have something. And so Toys4Tots wanna make sure these kids know there is something for every child.

Pete: The Marine Toys4Tots program has become a tradition for the Marine Corps for 63 years - for the first Toys4Tots poster was designed by Walt Disney - that little three car train was the Toys4Tots logo. One of our major corporate sponsors is Toys R Us - they came up with the great idea of working with Shaq O'Neal. He has great affection for children.

Shaq: 14 million kids will wake up and will not receive - not one gift. I care. That's why I'm doing it. I have six children of my own, so I know what's hot and I know what's not hot. And I'm a kid myself! You know, we just picked out a lot of toys and put them on the Marine truck. Just drop that toy in the barrel and the Marines will make sure that a less-fortunate child gets it.

Eugene: We pick up the toys, bring them back to our warehouse and sort the toys. Then from there, we can distribute them out to the families in need for that particular area.

(Toys4Tots video ends)

Shay: Aaand we're back! Lady that just wiped the sweat off of my forehead, thank you! (Sgt. Poole laughs) I needed it! Alright, thanks so much for being here! You guys, go check out the website - - we've raised almost- over 80 thousand dollars. Amazing things are going on! We're having a lot of fun. It's all for charity, so have uh, the right mood, and be sure to check out the website and to uh, donate to some of those things. Thanks again Sergeant Poole!

Sgt. Poole: Well, thank you for having me!

Shay: I appreciate- you wanna talk anything- say anything else more about toys? Do you have any toy- did you bring a toy for me?

Sgt. Poole: I didn't bring a toy for you, because they're supposed bring them for the kids!

Shay: Right! (laughs)

Sgt. Poole: So bring them for the kids!

Shay: I'm fifteen! (Shay and Sgt. Poole laugh) Alright, high five! Thank you! Alright, now we're going to Kina Grannis - she's super hot and she also plays guitar!

 Kina Grannis sings Message From Your Heart

(8:45) (camera pans over to Kina, as she plays the guitar and starts to sing)

Kina: Don't break me, I bruise easily
The source of both your love and misery
I am steady, beating endlessly
While you are dozing
Dreaming pretty things
I don't work for free
Please take care of me
This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart
Don't hurt me, I bleed constantly
My effort to leave me blood flow back swiftly
My rhythm soothing like rain drops steady
On foggy windows when you gaze outwardly
I don't work for free
Please take care of me
This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart
This is a message from your heart
Every time you sleep
Bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum
Every time you eat
Bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum
Every time you cry
Bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum
Every time you laugh

This is a message from your heart

Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art

This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

(song ends)

 Will of DC, Shay Carl, Corey Vidal and Craig Benzine chat

(12:24) (Will of DC, Shay Carl, Corey Vidal and Craig Benzine clap as the camera pans over to them)

Will: Hey nerdfighters, the Will of DC back again! Make sure you keep hashtagging p4a to trend it on Twitter! I'm here with three of the most ruggedly handsome YouTube men there are!

Shay: Ho, ho, ho! Hugged!

Will: (laughs) Shay Carl, Corey Vidal, Craig Wheezy Waiter. Thank you guys for being here! How are you enjoying the live show?!

Shay: I hate it! It sucks!

Will: Why-

Shay: No! (laughs)

Will: Shay- your wife is watching! She is disappointed in you right now!

Shay: Hi honey! I love you! We're having a blast. You guys having fun?

Craig: Yes!

Shay: They did a- they did a lamp skit!

Will: Hilarious, hilarious skit.

Craig: Thank you!

Corey: He ruined it.

Will: (laughs) Congratulations Craig!

Craig: Thank you.

Will: So all three of you, it's a coincidence that you're all here. You just all went up to Canada together - Corey's homeland! Tell me about that trip!

Corey: Well, I live in Toronto-

Will: Right.

Corey: -and I wanted to do a Christmas video for the holiday season-

Will: Nice!

Corey: -and these are two of my favorite people ever! (Shay high fives Craig) And uh- I'll pay you later! (everyone laughs)

Shay: He still owes me for that, by the way!

Corey: Yeah. And I thought that they would-

Will: Did you just want the beards or are they actually your favorite people?

Corey: Well they- they would both make great Santas!

Will: Ohhh.

Shay: Now, there's a kissing scene at the end and when-

Will: You're- spoiler alerts!

Shay: (laughing) Oh, sorry!

Corey: You're ruining my video! (laughs)

Shay: I made out with Wheezy Waiter though. (laughs)

Will: Okay, how did you like Canada, Shay-