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Here at Bizarre Beasts, we'd like to think we're pretty familiar with a lot of unfamiliar animals. We've covered critters from almost every continent and from environments ranging from deep-sea vents to tropical forests. We've introduced you to a bunch of different branches of the tree of life, from mammals to arthropods, to fish and we've found the hidden weirdness in some seemingly normal animals. But we were pretty shocked to find out there's been a bizarre beast lurking in our own backyard right here in Missoula, Montana all along!
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Now, this creature isn't exactly elusive, though you could probably say he's pretty rare. There's really just one of him.
He's been spotted around town, doing things like dancing in a park and goofing off in the aisles of target and there's plenty of footage of him on the internet. Like, a lot, documenting everything from his habitat preferences to his diet.
For example, while he was originally from a warm climate he seems to have adapted to cold winters just fine, and we know that he loves to eat things like the weird goo from inside of Gushers, Metamucil and extremely thick smoothies made of beans. But who are we to judge?
One of the things that makes this channel what it is is asking what makes an animal weird to us and, if you think about it, human beings are pretty freaking weird animals. So today to celebrate April fools day the bizarre beast is our co-host Hank Green! Happy April Fools everyone and, yes, because this is Bizarre Beasts there is a Hank pin. It's a special pin, that's not part of the regular pin club subscription, and it's only available for pre-order for 24 hours today: April 1st 2021. You can order it at And keep an eye out tomorrow, when we'll release April's official Bizarre Beasts episode.
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