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Philanderer and philanthropist.  They both come from 'phil' meaning love and 'ander' (?~0:05) referring to man, but they mean different things.  A philanderer is a man who has lots of affairs with women and a philanthropist is someone who gives to charities.


Dr. Kit Stubbs has their PhD in robotics.  They design, among many things, the Tardis tickler and the hammer, a muscle-controlled light up dildo.  

Dr. Stubbs: It consists of a bulb, which contains two force sensors and a shaft, which contains a row of LEDs and an accelerometer.  To use it, the bulb is inserted into a vagina or anus and when the wearer squeezes, she shaft lights up.  

Lindsey: As Kit became more involved in sexuality through sex toys, they've realized it's incredibly difficult for sex positive professionals to do their work because of limited funding, so in light of these struggles and because Kit is a philanthropist, they started the Effing Foundation to give support to sex positive artists and educators who need the help.  Every year, they fundraise, take hundreds of applications and then Kit and the advisory board choose recipients who can make a difference with their support.  

I want to introduce eight projects making a difference because of philanthropy.  In 2007, Substantia Jones launched Adipositivity, a project to combat size and weight related misinformation and bullying.  Through photographs and other activism, she lightens discussions of body politics and "gives those with fat bodies the respect and visibility too often denied them by the media and popular culture."  Adipose, by the way, is the technical term for fat tissue in the body, so in addition to being a beautiful and affirming project, it's clever.

Afrosexology increases sex positivity in black communities and confronts oppression.  Dalychia and Rafaella travel internationally speaking to open groups.  I heard them speak in Tennesse, and they also host workshops specifically for black sexuality.  In her bio, Dalychia writes:

Dalychia: How is it that white men systematically raped black women and faced no penalty but then lynched so many black boys and men under the accusation that they were raping white women?  Why did I grow up not seeing any public displays of affections in my West African household?  Why was I acting fast and he was just being a boy?  Why was I told that black people have rhythm and then chastised for dancing in a way that felt natural to my spirit?  Why was I responsible for our chastity?  Why was the horniness that came with my puberty not seen as lady-like?  

Lindsey: Until the Effing Foundation, there wasn't funding to answer these questions or pay trained and dedicated sex educators to discuss them.  That goes for Poly Dallas Millennium, too.  For those of you who've been to VidCon or Comic-Con or any get-together for that matter, you know what it feels like to be with others who have similar interests.  Where do you go if you desire to freely express a love for diverse relationships like consensual non-monogamy?  July 10-12, 2020 marks year five of Poly Dallas Millennium, a social justice symposium that gives this inclusive space and validation to hundreds of people, and last time, a quarter of their attendees came on scholarships funded by donors like those through the Effing Foundation.

Next, Sex Ed A Go-Go, hosted by the dildo-slinging, sex entrepreneur, Dirty Lola, another project supported by philanthropists.  It's an all-in-one experience.  One part talk show with a rotating cast of sex professionals affectionately called the Pussy Posse.  One part variety show, burlesque and go-go dancing, confetti, and one part Q&A where the audience gets answers to their anonymous sex questions.  

Dirty Lola: Easy/best ways to approach weirder, cheekier activities with your partner?

Lindsey: This unique brand of sex positivity is currently based in New York, but goes on tour to other places and has a podcast.  Lola is on it.  

A smaller but also very talented personality, Honestly Nae.  Here, just listen.

Honestly Nae: Don't need to hesitate, your palms they won't get hairy.  But you should wash them first, 'cause germs are scary.  Next set your intention.  Go 'head, clear your mind.  'Cause you're 'bout to give it to you.  

Lindsey: (claps)  There's so much amazing in this world.  Goddess Cecilia explores sexuality on YouTube as a mermaid.  She also has a three-part series that embraces the FilipinX culture of sharing a meal to discuss sex education, sexual trauma, resiliency, and body image.  

Lastly, (W/hole).  This award-winning feature film is also an Effing Foundation grantee.  (?~4:09), kink-affirming, trauma evolution into orgasm, grief into body-based joy, humor, all the things!  They have 'em.  As they put it, the whole thing is lusty, opulent, radical fuckery, and it was done as a group effort.  Group sex fundraising.  Group sex fundraising.

I learned about the Effing Foundation through one of you during our fundraising efforts for the Sexplanations Road Tour.  Kit and their team agreed to be fiscal sponsors for us, making it possible for your donations to be tax deductible.  That's why their logo is on my house car.  

An 8th project that the Effing Foundation supports, in this case through fiscal sponsorship is mobile Sexplanations!  November 1st, we're going back on tour, doing some traveling to new places and bringing them sex education.  If you make a direct donation through the Effing Foundation, then you can support all of these projects and if you donate to Sexplanations, it's tax deductible.  Ohh, the Effing Foundation!  

If you would like to learn more about them or any of the projects that I've mentioned, which are all amazing, there are links in the description.  I've also attached the full interview that I did with Kit about the Effing Foundation and their philanthropy.  Whether it's Effing Foundation, Patreon, Amazon Smile, direct donations, however you give, thank you, and to those of you who aren't able to right now, thank you, too for staying curious.