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In part one we learned about internal and external breast anatomy, how to perform a self-exam, and the changes both natural and symptomatic to watch for.
In this video we go through the pleasurable ways to touch breasts, a short list of dos and dont's, and in introduction of to sexual artist Annie Sprinkle known for her bosom theatrics.

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In last week's video, Stella and I demonstrated breast anatomy and breast healthcare. Now we're going to work together to go over how to touch breasts for pleasure – your own, or someone else's. 


Touch connects breasts to the rest of the body so they're not this forbidden area that gets no attention, or only unwanted attention. Touch stimulates the release of oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that facilitates pair-bonding. It decreases stress, pain and depression, it increases pleasure, and according to the researchers at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, touching breasts can fight breast cancer.

So what are the best ways to touch boobs? Well, if your intention is to touch someone else's breasts, start with permission. "Can I touch you here?" "Can I touch your top?" "Can I touch your tits?" If the person says no, don't touch their breasts. If the person says yes, then proceed with clothes on! I say this because many people put a lot of work and money into their clothing, and because it's incredibly sensual.

There's this scene in the movie Housesitter: Becky, played by Dana Delany, is wearing a button-down blouse, and Davis, played by Steve Martin, touches her breasts, one finger through her blouse in such a way that she is practically orgasmic. That moment when he touches her nipple, just knowing where it is under her shirt, and she moans... it's so hot. So hot! I don't know why you would ever want to take the shirt off. 

But let's say you do. Or maybe the person isn't wearing a shirt to begin with. Make sure your hands are soft – If they're not, put on lotion or gloves. Then come up from behind, or the side, and move from the waist or neck sensually to the breasts. Going head-on straight for the boobs can feel like the person's chest is being honked. And going too quickly might feel like you're clobbering them. Slow down!

Now, you get to explore. Move around, light strokes and deep strokes. Just with the pad of one finger, one at a time, or one for each breast, you can trace the perimeter, marking the quadrants if you want, letting your fingers delicately encircle the areolae, spiraling closer and closer to the nipple. Or, alternatively, use a back and forth pattern vertically or diagonally, traversing the breasts until every centimeter has been loved on.

There's also tugging, stretching, holding, patting, kneading, and tickling just as long as you start gently to gauge how it feels. Remember, you're playing mostly with milk ducts and fatty tissue unlike any other part of the human body, so have fun but be mindful. And if there's more than one breast, treat them equally. Whatever you do to the right breast, do to the left breast, unless the person doesn't like it. Which they might not now, even if they did in the past.

You may find yourself confused that the way you touched someone's breasts last week isn't being received well now. This might be because some breasts change a lot as hormones fluctuate. One solution is to learn the person's cycle, another is to ask in the moment whether or not they like it, and as a third option you can reset your approach each time you go to touch boobs.

Here are some more tips: Do compliment your breasts or your partner's breasts while you're touching them. Don't bite unless you're instructed to. Do try a variety of sensations like feathers, ice, wax, fleece, oil, and silk. Don't cover someone's boobs with whipped cream or chocolate syrup unless you plan to really clean it all off. Do give breasts focused attention. Don't touch them so much they become raw. My recommendation is no more than four strokes of the same spot in the same way.

Do breast bondage if you want, use toys like pumps and clamps, paint the breasts, or even just pretend to with a soft makeup brush. Do suckle, kiss, lick, grope, and nuzzle if everyone's into it. Do motorboat, which is sticking your face between the breasts and giving them a raspberry. Do titty-fuck too, if it's consensual. Just don't aggressively speedbag anyone's boobs. Trauma to the breasts from being squeezed, punched, or hit with a blunt object can lead to fat necrosis, or scarring of the damaged tissue. The goal is to exert pressure without destroying anything.

One of my favorite examples of this is Annie Sprinkle's bosom ballet, which she's also performed as a polka, samba and tap dance. Wearing long black gloves, Annie manipulates her breasts to move like dancers by touching them. Spreading them, twisting them, jiggling them, smashing them, and because they're so large, she can make out with them. It's not necessarily for pleasure, but the I think she derives pleasure from sharing her artistic bosom with others. Annie Sprinkle, whose autograph is a tit stamp, like these ones here. She's so playful and creative – what I wish we could all be. Playful, creative, and curious!

Stay curious!
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