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In which Hank has trouble doing and saying things.

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As you rub the sleep from your woman--wake up honey

Like all languages, chemistrian, if you want to call it that and I do, can be tough to learn at first but once you get uuhhhhh..

So I don't expect you to walk out of this video spouting off about 3-keto-2-carboxyl arabinitol but I do want chugetuhh 
So I don't expect you to walk out of this video spouting off about 3-keto-2-ta
And lots of you, so I don't expect you to walk out of this video spouting off about 3-keto-2-t
So I don't expect you to walk out of here spouting off about 3-keto-2-carboxyl arabinitol

The enthalpy change for a reaction is equal to the sum of the standard enthalpy's of formation of the products minus the sum of the standard enthalpy's of formation of the reactants 

I understand this and it makes sense I just, I just err... it's a lot of words.

The reaction is between iron powder, which is in here, and oxygen which is--y'know

And fortunately for chemistrian there's of kind phrase--drunk

And the ones we'll mostly be talking about today, I uuhh that's just it's uh, I'm gonna do it again.

Whereas one of the gained electrons have nehumphl hablughblugh

No! No, not Hermann Hesse the gaunt, balding, swith--swith?
No, not Hermann Hesse the gaunt, balding, swith
Sherma Hesse the gaunt, balding, swith o- I said swith again I said swith again

Shower in a room full of people who I don't like all while trying to build your first real, ah I got, I got confused, that was fun though
Where orthodontics have a curfew, live on an allowance, what is happening over here?
Shower in a room full of people that they don't like all while trying to build your first real lasting friendships and sex

The most basic ions, called monotonic ions are formed from single atoms to write one as a formula you just have gooouuughl

But the names of these ions change somewhat depending on wheeether they're..
But the names of these ions change somewha, change somewhat

Now when we name ionic compounds

PV= NRT Pervnert

Is that it can be understood theoretically

There is no light coming out of that (what the--)

But here's a wrinkle; many elements can form more than one kind of ion. Iron for example.. I earn, ion, iron ion, the iron iron, the iron ion... ion ion, ion

But they can have either charge of either two--

But it's in this middle region of your language map where really unique dialects start to crop up changing how ions are named and written. (Hmmm... let's do that again it was weird.) Not quite enough energy for you?

In order to study this stuff carefully he looked at the standard enthalpies of formation of the reactants and the products of the reaction--nope. (What?)

Basically it's just a set of criteria that chemists cano--

And it was Dutch scientist Johann Diderik van der Waals, no I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce that in Dutch because I don't speak it and he was the one who figured out some tricks to--

He worked hard and in time went from appr- (buzz) whoa.

Thousand kilograms (buzz) mmm (buzz) okay I don't know how to make it stop doing that
And it helps us out in a lot of our calcul (buzz) nooargh
Sound like the best (buzz) oh f-- quiet on the set phone

Propaganda minister Joesph Goebbels tried to make them name it "The Hitler" but they refused, thankfully.
(I don't know I just--) On fire!

Yup, Roman numerals--

Now as it's our ionic compounds just like any other but when they ionize their hydrogen ions just lone protons--what!

Using those numbers we find that the new pressure is 102.88--duuuu, du.

See that ime scientists only knew how to ansel the behav- ansel?

It starts to deviate from what the ideal gas law predicts

Writing the formula of an acid is easy (gibberish)

Once you acquire the ear for it though you can tell just from the name of an acid or it's anion what it's composition is
That's right, even though a ss... a sid

It is identified by it's comp- by it's content of oxygen, by the con, by it's, by the content of o- by it's oxygen content. There. got it.

You might know that as the chlorate ion, that's chlorate, with an ate.. not a number eight, a-t-e 

Which is called chloric acid, that's chloric with an i-c. ic ic icki icki icki icki patang! *laughs*
Uh oh, uh oh I quoted Monty Python. Nicks uhh, he's let loose, can't control him now (what are you doing in England?)

They can also form other, many other, several other, a few other acids 

Which, we know, as the chlo--

With us acids, and indeed all that with atoms ions ass us

So if that's the case, get a pencil ready, and pause the video... now. copy this - not now because then you couldn't hear my instructions

(whoopee cushion)

Let's get this party started-- Let's get this part started. Let us get this party started right. The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire.

The English teacher, wait, the science teacher from
I mean-- sorry-- the science teacher from England, oh I get, I get the joke now

As he mixed the gasses he noced, he noced, he nocedis, he nosticed..


And when they start to go bad, they release it--nope

One key to understanding the behavior of a gas is it's velocity, that is in a smeuth

You find the velocity, or speed, by dividing the distance that it traveled by the time it took to do it and that's (gibberish)

Like the rotten egg smelling ... smell

We shall put the energy it contains in ait what we what we what wuh
In this heavy thing here which is full of peennies oh God! I unhooked it. That's dangerous.
Work is... whaaat are you? What? Why? Go away, byyyee, thank you. No, away, go away, go away, go away. Can you see it in the camera? Or am I just like...

Instead heat, just like work, is and ener-gy ergghh, ungh
Internal energy is represented by the letter E, and most of the time we're interested, we're... *long pause*

Enthalpy is technically the internal of an (gibberish)

And for that we need to thank good old (gibberish)

This is weird.