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This video shows you how to play Chameleon Circuit's "An Awful Lot of Running" from their debut self-titled album.

Song written by Alex Day
Alex Day: Let's learn "An Awful Lot of Running" together. 

Well it starts off up here in bar chord form. 7th fret, A string, power chord. (strums) And then it just slightly slides up to 10. (strums) And then back to 7.

It goes um (strums and hums) and then to E. (whilst strumming) G, G, G, E, E major, G, G, G, E.

(sings and plays)
He is like fire
Burning through time
As old as forever
But fast in his prime

I saw his blue spaceship
And then he s- He looked out and said to me
Run for your life!
(stops singing and playing)

Um, so it's 'looked out and said to me'  (strums) G. G, G. Um, pre-chorus bit goes (strums) It's C-

(sings and plays)
I don't know why I never thought- F major 7 - to ask him for his name. Back to E and G
I nev- He probably wouldn't have told me the truth anyway
(stops singing and playing) 

That chord is called D7 I think. It's uh, it's like a D but in reverse. If you can see that there. 

(sings and plays)
Told me the truth anyway
But that's okay- G.
It's completely- A minor- terrifying
And it's so, so exciting- E major. 

He said I was brilliant- D minor
He said I was brilliant 
And I could- major 7- change the world- G
(stops singing and playing)

Heh. (strums on each chord) Um, A minor, E major, D minor, F major 7 and G. 

(sings and plays)
It's completely terrifying 
But it's so, so exciting 
He said I was brilliant 
And I could change the world 
(stops singing and playing)

The second time around it skips the F major 7. So it's just

(sings and plays)
D minor, D minor and G. 
We've got galaxies and planets and moons
And an awful lot of running to do

Life before you was unreasonably mundane 
(stops singing)

The- I'm not actually teaching you anything now, sorry, I'm just grooving. The fast bit is just um, when it goes off the second chorus it's back to the bars again.

(sings and plays) 
7th, 7th, 10th fret
(stops singing and playing)

You can come in with the fast speaking bit at any point really, but then as you say the binaries, just strum whatever chord you're on. 

(strums and talks) 
And you know you can fix that chameleon circuit if you just hot-wire the fragment links and take out the binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, ahhhh
(stops strumming and talking)

And that's pretty much it. The very last chorus, is the um..

(strums and sings)
An awful lot of running to do
(stops strumming and singing)

Yeah. Now you know how to play a Trock song.