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In which Hank reads John Green's fifth book..."It Just Isn't Fair."


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A Bunny
( - -)
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Good morning John, it's Monday, October 29th.

Mom and Dad and Katherine and Jessline and Bryan and I all went up to the top of Mount Craggy, or something like that. And it was very windy, but it was also very beautiful. Our time has come to an end in Nashville, but it was lovely.

One of the things that we did but we didn't say we were going to do is go to see another They Might Be Giants Concert. And lo and behold I met Kim, the first Nerdfighter to ever recognize me in public. Thank you, Kim. I feel better now, because John had been recognized before and I hadn't. It was nice to meet you.

But there are two other important things that I would like to discuss with you today.

First, when I was on top of Mount Craggy and I said "Monday, October 29th" I realized that my song day is going to fall on Halloween.

[He pauses and shakes his head]

And my song's not about Halloween, and I don't know if I can make up a song about Halloween in time to make a song for Halloween! There will most certainly be a Halloween surprise, however, but it may not be my song.

Second! Mom and Dad would not give up the location of your box, though they said that you had one. And after they went to sleep, I searched for it, and was not able to find it. But! I did find one little snippet from your childhood, and I would like to share it with all of the Nerdfighters. It will be of special interest to Nerdfighters who have read "Looking For Alaska".

The following is John Green's fifth book. It's called "It Just Isn't Fair."

[Pictures of the book show up while he is reading]

"It Just Isn't Fair", by John Green.

[Dialogue from Illustration]

I'm Alvin Lorus.

[Hank interjects]: Of course you're Alvin Lorus. It's adorable.

I'm pretty smart, but I'm a total nerd. I wear glasses and ugly clothes, and I am nicknamed Wimp.


Once I decided to be cool. I spent 200 dollars on Ops, 50 dollars on Jams, and 32 on a Swatch.

*You just tryin' to be cool!*

It didn't work. People hated me even more. No one sat near me at lunch.

[He pauses with a surprised pout on his face]

Then I met this kid named Rick. At first he looked completely vice-versa from me. He was cool, but looked pretty nice.


"Hi, I'm Alvin," I said. "What your name?" "Rick."
"You wanna play?"
"Sure, let's get a ball."

[The Office theme song can be heard in the background]

We played until P.E. was over. He gave me his phone number. 647-5902.

Once, I came to his house. I asked him where his father was. He said one word: "Dead." That was the most stunning moment of my life. I think I stood there for five mins.

I thought he would burst into tears. Instead he just said, "My mourn days are over."

To this day, he is still my best friend, and I still don't know how his father died.

*Let's get some lunch!*

But we're both real popular and everybody thinks I am cool, including Rick.

*You are cool!*

[About the Author Page]

John Green was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is 8 years old and has written five books, including this one. His latest book, "Mean Mitch Learns His Lesson" will hopefully be finished by the end of the school year.

Note: Much of the happenings in this story aren't true.

[Book ends]

Nerdfighter from birth!

I hope you enjoyed that little walk down memory lane. John, I will see you tomorrow.

[Clip of a dog after the outro]

This is Vern. Vern is a dog.