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Hank: And what I wanna know is what can we do to fix this?

Mike: Well it's real simple. There's two things you could do and I won't tell you about this bucket yet.

H: A bucket showed up.

M: No I won't, I won't tell you about that bucket. So there's two things you could do. The way you start is you go to And one thing you can do is donate money. It only costs us $25 to get someone safe water for the rest of their life. Only 25 bucks. So you can make an online donation there.

H: Can I just give you $25 now?

M: Sure, actually I'll take $25 bucks.

John: While we're here.

M: Absolutely. Do I have to make change or are we OK with that?

H: No I think I might have it.

J: He has a five.

M: Well while you're digging that out the second call to action would be when you're actually on our site you can watch a bunch of great videos, go subscribe to our YouTube channel. The reason why I brought this bucket, and you actually see in one of the videos there is that if you were living in Haiti and you wanted to go get water, this is what you'd typically see women carrying on their head about 30 minutes a day to go collect water. And if you don't know, if you were to fill this bucket, you can try this at home although I would not recommend it, if you fill it with water it weighs about 40 pounds. And these people do this twice a day. That just happens to be in Haiti, if you go to Africa you'll see the Jerry cans, if you go to India or Bangladesh you'll see the water vessels. But everywhere you go around the world people find whatever they can to go scavenge water all around the world.

H: I would suggest someone go and get, is that a five gallon bucket?

M: It's a five gallon bucket.

H: And fill a five gallon bucket with water and try to carry it very far.

J: I mean Hank, we couldn't even curl that, let's be realistic. I couldn't get it on to my head let alone walk with it on my head.

M: It's pretty incredible stuff. And these people live this life every single day while we kind of go about our daily lives here in the West, this is a daily struggle.

J: And like you've said, it's not necessary.

M: It's not.

J: This is not something that has to continue.

M: It's not.

J: Well thank you so much Mike.

M: Well thanks a lot.

H: It's because of course...


M: is awesome.

H: And now I have...

M: Oh, all right.

J: $25.

M: Wow, look at that.

H: And my luggage tag.


M: Thank you so much.

J: So thank you very much.