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Jessi shares some of her favorite creepy crawly critters for Halloween. Just because they're creepy doesn't mean they aren't amazing!

Phobia Alert: Spiders, Scorpions, and Cockroaches. Oh my!

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So you think animals are cute? Geez internet, what have you been watching?
Oh, look at him with his little face and his big eyes...
Okay, that's pretty cute, you're right. But some animals are just so far from cute that they can only be described as baaugh or uhh or -shiver-
I'm Jessi, this is Animal Wonders Montana, and I'm about to show you some creepy crawly animal goodness.


Imagine yourself; relaxing on vacation in South America, basking in the warm sun of the deserts of Chile reading an awesome book. You feel a little.. tickle  on the back of your arm. You slowly turn around you see...Oh it's just a scrub brush blowing against you. So you move a little bit, re-adjust, turn back to your book and- AHHH! 

Eight eyes , eight furry legs and two pointy venomous fangs! Who wouldn't love this gal, right? This is Fluffy, the Chilean rose-haired tarantula.

These tarantulas are so amazing because their specialized hairs, called urticating hairs, is not located on the front side, that scary side, it's actually located on the back side.

They use these urticating hairs to defend themselves when they feel threatened by a potential predator, like you. They do this by kicking those urticating hairs off their abdomen with their back legs and they become lodged in the eyes and the soft facial tissues of the predator.

If that doesn't deter you, they're gonna turn right back around, rise up showing off those beautiful venom-filled fangs. If you're a cricket, you should be very scared right now. 

There are about 800 species of tarantulas and luckily none of them are deadly to humans. Of course there are plenty of other animals that are deadly and would happily eat you or at least lay their young inside you to eat you after they hatch.

Luckily, we don't have any parasites to show you, but we do have one of the largest scorpions in the world! 

This is Professor Claw the emperor scorpion, another 8 legged arachnid. Emperor scorpions are found in the forest floors and savannas in many areas of Africa, and they're best known for that black color, and their enormous claws.

Of course, there's a little something on the back end too, but, who really cares about that? It's just a venom filled telson, ready to potentially inject you with life-ending fluid. Yeah, about that deadly venom, about 25 species of scorpion can kill a human, of course there's 1,750 species, so your chances of not dying are fairly high.

This is one of her baby scorplings, three months old! Come on, look how cute it is, it's a baby, it has to be cute! Okay, maybe it's kinda creepy... Aww, look at the creepy scorpling.

So, most people don't have to worry about massive tarantulas or enormous scorpions hiding out in their shoe, but no one would go untraumatized if you turned on the light and you saw the quick scurry of a hundred six-legged uninvited house guests.

Hello, cockroaches! They don't have eight legs like our scorpions or our spiders, so that makes them the misfits of our little show here. Poor little cockroaches, all left out in the six-legged corner, can't sit at the eight-legged cool table. Poor little guy, being teased and called 'insect' and 'dirty decomposer', don't you feel sorry for this little bugger?

Cockroaches don't need your pity! They are indestructible forces of nature. This guy's costume for Halloween is the headless horseman. And it's better than yours, because he actually goes headless. Just 'cause he can. Of course, he'll only live for about two weeks because he'll eventually die of starvation, but it's totally worth it. I bet you never looked a cockroach in the eye and told him how you really felt. Here's your chance! 

This little cutie... uhh... creepy, just moulted, and you can see her little black eyes being adorable, and terrifying. She's absolutely terrifying.

Cockroaches come in over 4,000 species, but no one cares about the amazing diversity, or the adaptive awesomeness of the cockroach. But you should! Instead, it's all about the scurrying and the scuttling, and the creepy crawling.

So the next time you're up for a midnight snack, don't turn on that light! You're going to scare away all your six-legged friends. They just want to be like the cool kids. And when your little baby kitty is so cute and adorable playing with those shoelaces, remember, Professor Claw's cousin might be hanging out in your shoe, waiting for that vulnerable toe. And the next time you're watching little miss cuteness being all cute and adorable and  fluffy on YouTube, remember the real Fluffy, because she'll be the one perched in the corner,watching over your shoulder.

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