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You selected the consolation prize.  Here at Truth or Fail, everybody wins.  While it blows hard that you didn't get all the questions right, you can always go back and get all the questions right.  For now, you win a prize.  You're gonna get to see some beard shavings!

The actual trimming has been censored.  It's just too horrifying and traumatic to see beard hair get cut.

Check it out.  Beard trimmings.  Lucky you.

You just saw some beard trimmings.  The only possible thing in the world that I think is better than that is what you get for the grand prize.  You'll just have to play again to find out what that is.

We've reached the end, and you have some options.  You can go to my YouTube channel, Wheezy Waiter, where I make lots of videos.  I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribed.
Or, you can go back to the Truth or Fail channel and watch some other versions of this game.  Or you can watch this one again.  You may have missed some stuff.  I recommend watching this one again.
Thanks for playing.  Now I need to go do what I always do when I'm not making a video, and that's groom my beard.
Thanks ***holes.  Mom, be quiet!