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In which John discusses the bank of nerdfighteria, the finances of the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, and the forthcoming TWELFTH annual Project for Awesome, as well as some side notes about philanthropy. If you're able to add to the p4a matching funds this year, please email us at hankandjohn at gmail . com with the subject line MATCHING. Thanks!

Tab for a Cause is a cool thing that allows you to make money for charity while browsing the web:

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Good morning Hank, it's Thursday.

It's my last video of Pizzamas, and I'm wearing a suit, which can only mean one thing: that it's time for the Bank of Nerdfighteria's semi-annual report.

The last semi-annual report was a year and a half ago, but it's 2018; words don't mean anything. Let's talk about money.

Right, so Nerdfighteria has a charity called the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, which, despite its silly name, is a real charity devoted to trying to decrease the overall level of suck in the world. And the foundation raises money all year long in anticipation of our big annual charity event, the Project for Awesome. This year, the foundation has about $50,000 in the bank going into the P4A.

Some of this came from Amazon Smile, some from people's workplace giving programs. A bunch came from Tab for a Cause, which lets you raise money for charity while you browse the Web.

And also, half of the revenue from this YouTube channel goes to the foundation, so thank you for watching ads and/or subscribing to whatever YouTube Red is currently called.

Plus, this year, every Pizzamas purchase supports the foundation, which reminds me that ALL this Pizzamas magic will only be available for ONE MORE DAY at, so get it while it's hot! And by hot, I mean available.

But on that front, you may notice in the coming months that more of our work inside of Nerdfighteria is transitioning towards supporting charity. Like our Pizzamas royalties are going to the foundation, the proceeds from Life's Library, the book club Rosianna and I are starting, go to Partners in Health.

This is happening for two reasons: First, because Hank and I do not need money; we both have jobs that pay well, my job being having written a book seven years ago that became quite popular, and Hank's job being having 40 jobs. And secondly, we feel like it makes sense for the revenue generated by Nerdfighteria to be spent in ways that are in keeping with the values of Nerdfighteria.

Honestly, I've always felt kind of guilty getting paid for Pizza John T-shirts. I think there are better ways to spend that money, and so, we're gonna spend it better.

But, and this is the last thing I'll say about it: I wanna emphasize that it is far more generous for a person with $10 to donate $1 to a cause they care about than for a person with $1,000,000 to donate $100,000 to a cause they care about. It's really easy for rich people to seem altruistic, and we're making this transition because we can afford to. Okay, back to the video.

So the $50, 000 we currently have in the bank will be a great start to the TWELFTH ANNUAL Project for Awesome, which will begin this year at noon Eastern Time on December 7th. During the first half of the Project for Awesome, we'll be raising money for pre-selected charities: Save the Children and Partners in Health, two HIGHLY effective organizations that we've been working with for over a decade.

And then during the second half, we'll be raising money for charities chosen by Nerdfighteria. Since 2012, the Project for Awesome has raised over $7,500,000 for charity, supporting causes from cancer research to clean water initiatives, and I'm really excited for this year.

Speaking of which, if you can think of any perks that might tempt your donation dollars, let me know in comments.

This year, Hank and I will match all donations to the first half of the Project for Awesome up to $150,000, and every year, there are a few people who are able to add to that matching fund, which is amazing! If you somehow are able to donate $1000 or more to this year's Project for Awesome, please email us at with "matching" in the subject line. Your donations are tax-deductible, and you will be profusely thanked.

But of course we know that most people aren't in a position to do that, and regardless of whether you can donate, you can make a Project for Awesome video in support of a charity you care about. People can then vote for your video, and the charity might receive a grant from the foundation, so get started thinking about your P4A videos, it's only 29 days away!

Last thing, I should mention that the Life's Library book club is closing enrollment tomorrow, because we are running out of spots. Links, as always, in the dooblydoo below.

Hank, thank you for a fun Pizzamas. I probably won't get to say this again until until next Pizzamas, so I'm gonna enjoy saying it now:

I will see you tomorrow.