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Sometimes hot dogs and unicycles are the best ways to convey the beauty of Kenyon College's campus.

See for yourself at
Voice: And now pensive moments with John Green.

John: If you think about it, any designation that includes the word ‘world’ in the title is a pretty bold statement but one that is clearly resolute. For example, Nathan’s world famous hot dogs are obviously world famous and there’s no question that the world’s best mountain unicyclist is Vancouver’s Kris Holm who once climbed a volcano in Bolivia on a unicycle. So when I rhetorically asked the question what is the most beautiful college campus in America, according to and Yahoo the answer is unambiguously Kenyon College. I'll emphasize this again, the most beautiful campus in the world is Kenyon College. In a related story I am now craving a hot dog.

Voice: This has been pensive moments with John Green.