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Hank Green joins Reina and Matt for a very special edition of #TableTalk!

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(sourcefed intro music)

(everyone enthusiastically sings an instrumental opening song)

(0:21) Matt: Welcome to Table Talk! Hi guys! This is where we talk about all your topics via the hashtag "tabletalk" and the reddit /r/sourcefed. I'm Matt Lieberman.

Reina: And we have a special guest!

Hank: I'm Hank Green!

Reina: And I'm Reina Scully.

Matt: Yeah! Thank you so much for coming, Hank!

Hank: Yeahhh!

Reina: B-T-dubs, I'm starstruck, and I'm like shaking. (Hank hugs Reina)

Matt: It's okay, Reina!

Reina: Ahhh!

Matt: She's getting a hug that's changing her entire life right now.

Reina: Oh my goodness! (laughing)

Matt: How many times do you get to witness a hug that literally makes someone melt into a puddle of- ahhh! My, God! No! It's just his hugs! They're of such a high quality!

Reina: Oh, my God. I'm a changed person!

Hank: We know how- we know to hug in Montana.

Matt: Yeah.

Reina: Ohhh, yeah! Oooh, a Montana-man!

Matt: I like to think of myself as an industrial-strength hugger. I feel like-

Hank: Oh, yeah.

Reina: (laughing) Industrial-strength?

Matt: Yeah, I feel like I was built to last!

Reina: Like (?) (1:02)

Matt: Like a Ford truck. Real tough.

Hank: Yeah, I feel really weird when I get bad hugs.

Matt: Yeah.

Hank: I'm like, are you not? Do you not-

Reina: Oh, yeah.

Hank: No one ever-

Matt: Is it me? Is it you?

Hank: Yeah! Has no one ever taught- like, it's like this handshake.

Reina: Yeah. Ewww! Limp! Urgh.

Hank: Urgh.

Reina: It means nothing!

Hank: Yeah.

Reina: It means nothing!

Hank: Like, I don't- I don't know. I don't mean to-

Matt: Will you- will you rate my hugs?

Hank: Yeah! Let's- let's

Reina: Oooh! I wanna hug, too! I want more hugs!

Hank: That's good.

Matt: Right?

Hank: That's good. See, I feel like you gotta touch at least down to here.

Matt: Yeah, you gotta get at least bellybutton-

Reina: Can I have another hug?

Hank: Yeah, yeah! (Reina laughs warmly)

Matt: We're adorable!

Reina: Oooh, that feels so good!

Hank: You're tiny! (Reina laughs)

Matt: Legitimately! It's electric. His hug-work. Your hug-work is excellent.

Reina: Yeah, it is!

Wait Hank, can you come here real quick?

Reina: It was.

Hank: What? What? Uhhh...

Joe: Can you take a picture-

Matt: This is what happens when Joe Bereta interrupts on Table Talk.

Joe: Last time I was on, you-

Reina: This is what happens when Montana guys get together. Oh, wow! I'm jealous now.

Matt: That's a Montana-

Reina: I was fulfilled until I saw that!

Joe: (?) (1:59)

Matt: Now you know you can never-

Matt: You're jealous 'cause you could never support-

Reina: Right!

Matt: -Hank's weight?

Reina: Yeah.

Matt: (Reina laughs) Just 'cause you're tiny, not because you're large! (Hank laughs)

Reina: I thought I just received the best hug! I am now wholly jealous in all kinds of different ways.

Matt: Here-

Reina: What's that? (flicks object off the table)

Hank: Well, you can jump on me later.

Matt: Okay, Hank-

Reina: Oooh!

Matt: Jump on in, Hank!

Reina: Jump on in!

Matt: Grab yourself a topic!

Hank: Okay.

Matt: Alright.

Hank: This is uh- this one is uh, for everyone-

Reina: Oh, my God.

Hank: It's from Jordan. The question is "what is love?"

Matt and Reina: Oooh.

Hank: Baby-

Matt and Hank: -don't hurt me. (Reina laughs)

Matt: But baby, do hurt me, because hurt is part of- is part of being in love.

Reina: It's true.

Matt: I mean, I know this is like-

Hank: Pain!

Matt: I feel like this is meant to be a troll question

Hank: This (?) (2:36) looks familiar!

Matt: It looks kinda like the rock but he's bemused.

Hank: I think it is! (Reina laughs)

Matt: A bemused Dwayne Johnson.

Hank: Yeah, I was like "why does that guy look so familiar?!" (Reina laughs)

Matt: Yeah!

Hank: It's the Rock!

Matt: Um... It's actually... It's a complicated question, 'cause you know, like... I've been- I've been in several relationships, and-

Hank: (laughs) We're gonna go for legit here! Up to (2:55)

Reina: Yeah!


Reina: Yeah, why not?








Reina:  Yes.

Hank: And its like, OH MY GOD.

Reina: It's happening.




Reina: Oh, that.

Hank: and also bodies. (3:45)