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In which Lindsey talks about her amazing trip to L.A. for CatalystCon.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Call to Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Lindsey: Last Thursday, my friend Tori took me to the airport for a 5:45 to Burbank, well, Seattle to Burbank.  So I was off to CatalystCon.  In the words of sex education great, Robert Lawrence, CatalystCon is...

Robert: Sex educators all together at the same time.  This is a new thing, this is 400 people who teach sex.  

Lindsay: This is the story of CatalystCon, as told by me and the many characters who became my teachers.

(Sexplanations Intro)

Lindsey: First I arrived in Burbank, picked up by an old classmate Dr. Hernando Chavez. The next day, about two dozen of us loaded up into an exotic lounge bus for a field trip. This was the interior design, wrap around seating and two lit up dancing poles that were demo'd after everyone unloaded. Where did we head? The Wet lube factory. I learned about how their products are manufactured and kept safe, body friendly safe. Then, following the tour, some self-care. I knew it was going to be a busy rest of the day.  First, a pre-conference boot camp for educators by Tristan Taormino that validated a lot of what I knew, but also added some fresh thought. There was also the kickoff dinner, and plenary session, everybody in one big ballroom building up energy to carry throughout the weekend. A delicious pasta dinner with a presentation from these people. I didn't go to bed before the presentation was over.  Good night.

Saturday, I attended as many breakout sessions and workshops as I could. Parenting, Sex, and the Media, Toxic Toys with Metis Black, and Does This Panel Make me Look Fat? I met Midori, artistic sexual mastermind. In October, Midori and suspension artist Samar are bringing their artistic sensuality together in Oaxaca, Mexico. They have a Kickstarter for it, link below. I also spent time with Robert Lawrence and a crew of young, budding sexologists. 

(Crowd waves and says hi)

"Yay, we're having lunch together"

Lindsey: We have a special shout out to Louis because they couldn't be at the con.

Crowd: Hi, Louis!  

Lindsey: I sat it on NeuroLovology by the talented Dr. Ava Cadell, and a humanist perspective of male circumcision by my friend Hernando. More eating, then a thrilling, three rounds of sex trivia, my team won lots of toys. Into midnight, Dixie Daylap Tours, bawdy storytelling, kept us squirming, laughing, and weeping. Plus, based on a Twitter suggestion by @EvilBob_MT, @cunningminx and I got to meet, and then I went to bed again.

I have eaten a good meal of knowledge, and I'm ready for bed. Bye.

Sunday, I met Kate McCombs, founder of Sex Geekdom. She taught us about Australia, how many vaginas does a kangaroo have?  

Kate: It's three! Three vaginas!

Lindsey: I also sat in on two rounds of Tristan Taormino's podcast Sex Out Loud, where she interviewed polykink advocates on how to get gourmet sex. Then, I visited with Anson and Kelsey who turned the camera on me for an interview.

Anson: So, since you've been asking people questions all weekend, what was your favorite part of CatalystCon?  

Lindsey: I'm going to say the bawdy storytelling. B-a-w-d-y storytelling.

As the event quieted down, I stopped at the exhibitors' hall. Displays of playthings, among them, original male prostate massagers, lubes that clean your teeth when you lick them, and vibes, lots of vibes. I was certainly satiated. CatalystCon is a smorgasbord of sexual stuff. And if that wasn't enough, former surgeon general Joycelyn Elders amped up everyone else at the closing.  

There are many more stories to tell, but I end this travelogue of CatalystCon with much gratitude.  It's just what the doctor needed.

(Endscreen plays)