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Sorry this took so long to get up, but glad I did it before the baby happened. Thanks to everyone who participated!

I was pretty burnt out by the time I finished this, so I'll say one more thing. Yes, this community is changing and maybe there are fewer uber-engaged, active Nerdfighters than there once were. But that is not something that upsets me. Communities might even get more interesting as they get smaller. I'm so pleased to continue being a part of this with such a fantastic community, especially as people begin new stages of their lives. Looking forward to next year already!

Hello, and welcome to the 2016 Nerdfighter Census Analysis. I am Hank Green and this year we have some interesting, fascinating, maybe even somewhat troubling data that we're gonna go over. There is good news, there's bad news, there's weird news, there's surprising news. It's the census analysis, the thing we have done now for the last four years.

And right now I have open this year's, last year's, the year before that's, and the year before that -wait, those were switched. I can do that just like that. Okay, alright. So now we got that, and that. So 2016, 2014, 2015. Ah, I don't know why I said it that way. And the original first one that we did. Okay, we're gonna be closing down some of those after a little while, but first let's see what, ah, how this has changed over the years. This very first question which is which is the first census you participated in.

 Which Nerdfighteria Census' have you participated in?

And obviously on this one we didn't have that question because it was the first one. So, here we have 2013, this is the 2016 census, here we have 2013, 2014, 2015, not sure, and this is the first one. And we have last year, that 2013, I guess this isn't that interesting, we should probably just look at this, which says that of the people who are participating right now, most of them, almost a majority, responded to the last one. So we have a fairly large carry over from last year and then we've also got 30% of people who are new, and this is their first one, and they are going up for the first time here.

 How old are you?

Now this one, we will do between years. I've been using the same years for a while now, but I think the first one I used, I did it wrong, so these will be definitionally slightly different. So, we will see, as we do this, that Nerdfighteria has gotten older. 27% now between the ages of 23 and 30, last year that was 21% with a bigger spike at 16 to 18 and 19 to 22. And the year before that, an even bigger spike 16 to 18, 19 to 22 with only 15% 23 to 30. And this was slightly different, so it's hard to compare, but yeah, so it's just harder to compare.

Now part of the reason why I think Nerdfighteria is getting older is just because time is passing, so a lot of people who are 22 are now 23, a lot of people who are 18 are now 19, and so that is definitionally going to change the demographics as time goes on. But you see as those three years happen that there is definitely a progression as we go back in time, that Nerdfighteria was younger in the past and is older in the present. That also appears to, as we will see in the census later, probably has some things to do with just the kinds of people who are watching our content and the kinds of people who, if you remember back in 2014 and 2013, those were like sort of chief, premiere Fault in our Stars years. And so there was more TFIOS fandom happening in Vlogbrothers and now there is more other stuff, whether that's SciShow and Crash Course fandom, Dear Hank and John fandom, or communities surrounding just sort of intellectual, smart stuff on the internet. 
Now this is, we're actually going to close down these other two surveys, so, because comparing between going to look at, come on. Give it to me. Looking at 2014 and 2013 becomes less interesting as we continue down this list. Because I didn't ask all the same questions! I should have standardized questions earlier, but you know, you don't know what you're up to, in general, when you're doing this stuff.

 Rank your internet places by how much you enjoy them

But so yeah, we didn't ask this question until last year, and it's Where do you spend time on the Internet? And if you look, you can see that it has changed over the years. This is, uh, this is last year, this is this year. Now, you'll see that, uh, YouTube has gone up a little bit, Tumblr has gone down significantly, Facebook, uh, Facebook-- this is this year by the way, so this is this year, this is last year -- pretty similar, ah, though has increased a little bit this year. Twitter as a increased substantially--well, I wouldn't cal that substantially, but it  has gone up. The biggest change is Tumblr going down and Snapchat going up. Snapchat almost superseding Tumblr among our audience. You also see, of course, that Vine has dropped, that's no surprise, but I am somewhat surprised by the significance that Tumblr dropped.. has, I think a part of that is demographics, I think part of it is people spending less time on Tumblr. And now we will go to rank your  internet places by how much time you spend on them.

 Rank your internet places by how much time you spend on them

  How often do you internet to these internet places? 

  I Follow Hank On: 

  Which is your favorite Smash Mouth cover band name? 

  I Follow John On: 

  What would you like to see more of on Vlogbrothers? 

  Do you listen to podcasts? 

  Are you at YouTube Red subscriber? 

  Best M&M?

  Click on any you've attended: 

  Do you plan on attending...

  Where do you get news about what's going on in Nerdfighteria? 

  I think a college education is...

  What Country Do You Live In? 

  If you live in the U.S., what State do you live in? 

  Gender (check all that apply)?  

  Race or Ethnicity?

  Is your name Ryan? 


 Do you feel like you are part of a strong community? (on or offline) 

 Do you plan on voting in the US election? 

 I plan to (or would if I could): (VOTE) 

 How do you feel about these statements?

 Three adjectives that describe Nerdfighteria to you: 

 Do you feel like you belong in Nerdfighteria? 

 How did you first hear about the Vlogbrothers? 

 How did you first hear about the Vlogbrothers?