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Kate Schapira (she/her/hers) reads her poem, “Questions and Practice For Your Origin Story.”

Kate Schapira:

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I'm Kate Schapira, and I'm a poet and teacher living in Providence, Rhode Island, and what I want to share with you today is from a book I'm working on about how to live in climate change with purpose and care called, “Next Morning on Earth.” It's coming out in 2024 from Hachette Go.

And it contains stories from people who can show us how to live in climate change in these more purposeful and caring ways, and also questions and practices to help us do that ourselves and to transform our climate anxieties into connection and action. So as I read this to you, I'm going to pause in between the questions so you can reflect on your own answers.

And then I'm going to share with you a practice that you can try yourself.