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Pre-order our book YOU ARE AN ARTIST (which includes new assignments!) here: So many of you came out to make a rug with us at VidCon and we couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. Thanks so much to all who participated, and especially those who were kind enough to share their thoughts about the experience!

In order of appearance (let us know if we have any of this wrong or if we can add any more information):

1) Oliver Bollmann / @LynxThoughts
2) June Kwon /
3) Michael Tsiang/ @gnaist /
4) Hussien Salama / @hussiens
5) Ashley Lehmann/ @Ashleyness683
6) Annie Leonard
7) Amy Folkedahl/ @x37adventures
8) David / @DavidGulfo
9) Alexis Webb Bechtold/ @x37adventures
10) Betty Chen/ @articulationsv

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Hi I'm Sarah
And this is our art assignment.

This is my first year at VidCon it's incredibly exciting there's so many people here it's one of the largest conventions I've ever been to it's cool!

Oliver: This is my first year at VidCon. It's incredibly exciting, there's so many people here, it's one of the largest conventions I've ever been to. It's cool!

June Kwon: Whenever I'm not walking around the expo hall or uhm, up in a panel or something I am basically helping make rugs and it's amazing.

Michael Tsiang: I brought a t-shirt from home, my Trevor Project shirt actually. Uhm, I thought it was time for it to sort of be recycled, reused into a rug. So I really like this assignment a lot, I like the idea of collaborative art. Anybody can be a part of it and just uhm... I feel like this Art Assignment show and Sarah Urist Green kind of makes artists out of all of us.

Hussien Salama: I was amazed at how much easier it was than what I thought it was gonna be and it's kind of addicting and like the atmosphere here just made it to where like, you have somebody in front of you teaching you how to do everything and then like, in a couple minutes you're teaching the person behind you how to do it. So it's really good, it's very sort of community building.

Ashley Lehmann: My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was like 8 or 9 and I'm just recently sort of been trying to get back into it so this is really kind of an interesting, uhm correlation and a different way to knit things and make a-- this rug is getting huge, so that's really exciting.

Annie Leonard: I had some of my friends come with me, they had no idea what was going on but they got to add some shirts as well, so we are four people out of the sure to be thousands as a part of it.

Amy Folkedahl: Meeting people while doing an art project is always fun, you're bonding over a mutual craft so I love it!

David: I came here and was just hanging out in the chill lounge and the people here were just so incredibly nice and kind and just fun and interesting that I stayed. I did my first loop on the rug and I was like "hey I can do this!" and I did it and now I'm like five shirts in and I'm gonna do my sixth and seventh in a minute.

Alexis Webb Bechtold: It was really fun to meet new people and be able to make a big art piece that's also functional.

Betty Chen: So I have made a rug before and I did learn a lot from making a rug and it actually led me into looking up more things on YouTube on just like how to do things with arts and crafts. So now I'm just learning so much more about how to make things.

Hussien: I had a friend who I dragged along here and she just saw me cutting the shirt. She's like "what are you doing?" I was like "Making strips, then a rug" and she started taking the scissors, started doing it and she went through like ten shirts cuz she was just like "this is just my calling right now. Like I don't want to leave." It's pretty awesome.

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All: Now go make a rug!

(text: Thanks to everyone who came out to make a rug!)

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