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In which John tells the story of his time as a member of a comedy troupe, while helming the Swoodilypoopers against Bristol City.

Hello and welcome to hankgames without Hank. It’s me, your host, John Green and today we are the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers, as indeed, we always are. We are here in the Npower Championship and we are taking on some other team who, for some reason, hasn’t sold out even though the Swoodilypoopers are in town. You can rest assured that the Swoodilypoopers will have good support today.

So I need to bring you up to date on our squad, and I also want to tell you about my college comedy group, which many people have asked for. It was called ten thirty three, I was in a comedy group in college, one of the people I was in the comedy group with has become very famous since then. So anyways, I am going to tell you about that but I also want to bring you up to date on the squad as we shake the hands of the referee.

So couple things. First off, John Green and John Green are not in today’s game. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry guys. On the upside, our referee I named Hayden Pennyfeather. That’s something. Unfortunately, both Other John Green and Bald John Green are really tired and I just had to give them the day off. I love these guys and I respect them as professionals and sometimes, you know, they need a rest. So I’m going to let them sleep in their apartment that they share.

Fat Lucas is in goal. We have Leroy Williamson and Lalalalalalalalalana in central mid, Voluptuous Péricard and Stone Cold Cteve with a “C” Austin up front. And we do have both John Greens on the bench in the event that they do become necessary.

We’re off to a roaring start here.

So when I was in college, I was in a sketch comedy group. The founder of the comedy group was my friend, Scott Golden. Really nice guy, I think he lives in Kansas City.

No, it’s a disaster to start. We needed the help of Fat Lucas and as always we got it because he’s Mr. Reliable. Oh boy, we’re not playing real well here to start off the game.

So Scott founded the group, asked me to join it, also asked my friend Will to join it and the idea of our comedy group was that while all of the other groups worked-Oh, that’s got to be a foul-all the other groups worked blue, as we say. You know, they cursed a lot, made lots of jokes about sexual activities and what-not. Sort of the foundation of all college sketch comedy. We were going to not work blue. We were going to be “family oriented comedy.”

It is a bit of a shtick, but we also took it a little bit seriously to, you know, challenge ourselves to make jokes that weren’t about bodily functions. Well, they sometimes were about bodily functions, but not that often.