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Jessi is sick but still gets some good animal snuggles in with the macaws, foxes, and more. Plus gives quick exams to those who need it.

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Hello everyone.  I am sick and my voice isn't quite back yet, but I still want to do a video because I have some things to share.


As you guys probably know, when you get sick, you can't always do the same amount of things that you're used to doing and a lot of us have the privilege of being able to call in sick and I can kind of do that, too.  It's a little bit different when you're working with animals as pet owners and zookeepers know, because animals don't take a break.  They still need to eat.

Luckily, I'm in a position where I'm not the only one taking care of the animals anymore.  I have two other animal keepers that have stepped up during this sick time and they've really helped out, so even though I'm sick, all the animals' needs are being taken care of.  

For many of our beginning years, I was 100% responsible for all the animal care, regardless of what was going on in my life, but thanks to our supporters on Patreon, we've been able to hire a full-time animal keeper, which has been amazing, so when something comes up like getting pretty sick, I'm actually able to sleep and get better so that I can be 100% again.

So Taylor, our animal keeper, has been doing most of the feedings and cleanings and Augusto has been picking up everything else, but there is something that Taylor and Augusto can't provide.  A lot of these animals are very bonded to me and know me the best and I know them the best, so I have to get my eyes on them.  So when I'm sick, I don't have to put in hours of work thanks to Taylor and Augusto, but I do need to see the animals every single day, which I'm about to do right now, if you'd like to join me.


Well, I got my eyes on and spent time with all of those that really needed me today.  I got a close look at all of those that are dealing with medical issues and I got to spend some time with those that are really bonded to me.  The only one I didn't spend extra time with was Mimi the marmoset, and that's because I'm sick and it could be contagious to her, whereas all the rest of the animals, I'm not contagious to them, and since all the rest of their needs are being taken care of, I'm gonna go get some rest and I'll pop back down here in another couple hours, and for all of you other animal caregivers, I wish you the best in this cold and flu season, and thank you so much to all of our Patreon supporters who help make sure the animals get what they need, no matter what is going on, and thank all of you for watching and I will see you next week when I won't be so sick.