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Happy New Year's Everybody...I think the title says it all.

Thanks to Faith who is the one who ordered the hot boba and reported to me the strange double-fonted number.

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Good morning John.

I know that we said that maybe we weren't gonna do videos this week, but hey I s-found something that I really wanted to share with you, and it is this lid to a tea. It's a tea lid from a boba place. And it's specifically a tea lid that you can use for boba so I guess you can do hot boba. And you would put the boba straw through this part of the tea lid. And then you get your normal sippin' hole here.

This is the HY-90-M5, if you wanna look it up, and there's something very odd about this tea lid. And I want to know what's going on and I can't figure out the answer and so I'm turning to the power that I have and should not abuse in this way, but please someone help me figure out what's going on. If you take a look at the HY-90-M5, can we get a focus?

You will see that it says "Heat: 110°C." That to me is very weird on its own, but then also notice that the 1 and the 1 are different fonts. I'm gonna talk through why I think this is so strange for HY-90-M5 to say "Heat: 110°C" and have the ones be in two different fonts. First of all, tea is made out of liquid water and liquid water cannot get hotter than 100°C. So you cannot heat tea hotter than 100°C. Unless you're changing the pressure, unless you are putting it in a pressure vessel and putting a bunch extra air molecules in there, you cannot heat tea to above 100°C.

You especially cannot do that in Montana where we're way above sea level, but that's not part of the conversation. The only thing that makes sense that it means to me is that this beverage is hot. Like you wanted to re-emphasize the part where it says "CAUTION: HOT" across the top. You wanted to re-emphasize that with the heat of the drink in here is 110°C, which to an American does not sound very hot, so that's a problem. But I understand this lid is not necessarily made for an American audience because it's a boba lid. And we haven't been on the boba train for that long and we certainly haven't been on the hot boba train for very long.

I have of course looked this up, it's a lid from Taiwan where they use Celsius. So the only thing that makes sense is that they put "Heat: 110°C" just to re-emphasize that this is very hot. It's hotter than you think it is. It's hotter than boiling water, even though that is literally impossible unless it contains pure steam. So I want to tell you the incorrect thing that I thought about this.

I thought that it said "Heat: 110°C" because originally it said "100°C" and then somebody decided to take off one of the 0s and add a 1 just to totally emphasize that this is hotter than boiling water, even though that's not possible and it can't- it isn't. It isn't. But they wanted people to be safe so they added an extra 10°C to an already impossible temperature and when they did that, they used a different font.

They d-didn't have access to the original document, they had to cut and paste to make it look like it said 110°C. In fact, if you look very close, the bottom of this 1 is a little bit higher than the bottom of this 1, so it's definitely Photoshop. And the only reason to do that is if you wanna make it more clear that this is very hot liquid. But I wanted to confirm this so I went on the internet and I looked up the HY-90-M5 and John, it used to say 120°C.

It used to say 120°C and they changed it to a lower temperature. I assume because some pedant like me was like "There isn't a way that the tea is 120°C. It would just be steam. It would be gaseous water. It would explode" And so, they lowered it to an...also impossible temperature! Like somebody did that! Making sure that extra work was done so that no one would be happy!

If anybody has any theories about how this happened that more accurately explains the given circumstances in ways that are less infuriating, please let me know. John I hope you're having a wonderful New Year's and I'll see you in 2023.