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In which John is grateful to the nerdfighters (and the Bella Twins) for helping make his book Paper Towns the top choice on the Teens Top Ten list. Check out the rest of the list:


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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday, and I'm here in Columbus Ohio getting ready for a Nerdfighter gathering. And I got to make a video otherwise I will be punished.

But I have amazingly awesome news. You may remember that a few weeks ago the Yalsa branch of the American Library Association announced that Paper Towns was one of the 25 finalists for the "Teens Top 10 Award," which is an award voted on by actual teens, you know it's like a popularity contest. So Paper Towns is up against a lot of great books like "The Hunger Games" and E. Lockhart's "The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks" and the last Twilight book. So Hank 11,000 people voted and I won. I beat futuristic dystopia's and hot vampires and then because I won the Bella twins who are like professional wrestlers held my book and said my name. Never underestimate the power of nerdfighters Hank.

Anyway so here's the video I made for Yalsa to celebrate. Nerdfighter's thank you so much for voting for Paper Towns, I can't believe I won a popularity contest, ME a gigantic nerd!

(New video within the video)

Close-up John: Hi, my name's John Green and as you can probably tell from my incredibly impressive physique I am a professional wrestler. And I can't tell you how profoundly grateful I am that teenagers in America have voted me their favorite professional wrestler for 2009.

Far away John: Hey John.

Close-up John: What?

Far away John: A few things, first you didn't win any award to do with your wrestling, you won an award for your book Paper Towns. Second, you are not a professional wrestler and third, you do not have an impressive physique.

Close-up John: You are saying that in a popularity contest my book about Walt Whitman beat Stephanie Meyer's book about hot vampires? I am so shocked by this that I honestly don't know if I would be more surprised to win the award for best professional wrestler 2009.

First I want to say how grateful I am to all the teenagers who participated in the "Teens Top 10" (I mean particularly those who voted for me, but also the rest of you) and how grateful I am to all the made of awesome librarians who get great books to kids. This award is particularly meaningful because it is chosen by teenagers and I respect and admire teenagers as readers so much. I also want to say thanks to the American Library Association and to the WWE for all they do to support teen reading, particularly the Bella twins because you know they're strong and if I don't thank them, they will beat me up.

Thanks again to whoever read Paper Towns and responded to it so positively, don't forget to be awesome.

(Back to the original video)

John: Hank, I'll see you tomorrow. Best wishes!!


John: Hey. How's it going? Making a video.

Stranger off-screen: About what?

John: Myself I guess? Broadly speaking.