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Introducing the very first Crash Course Podcast! Over the next 11 episodes, John Green and Katie Mack will walk through the entire history of the universe… even the parts that aren’t written yet.

Episode 1 premieres April 24th and can be streamed here on the Crash Course channel and wherever else you get your podcasts. Subscribe at

Thank you to the Perimeter institute for letting us use some of their footage here. You can find those videos featured here:
Introducing: Quantum 101 with Katie Mack
Katie Mack is coming to Perimeter Institute

Additional footage provided by NASA.

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(John Green) We're not actually observers of the universe because we're made out of the universe.

So we're the universe observing itself. (Katie Mack) Maybe we're just observers, maybe we're just along for the ride, but we know so much about it. [♪MUSIC♪] (John Green) So a few years ago, I came across this book by the astrophysicist Katie Mack called The End of Everything: Astrophysically Speaking. The book tells the story of our universe - how we understand its beginning, its expansion and what we know about its future, including, well, the end of everything.

I was so moved by the book that I wrote Dr. Mack an email to thank her for writing it. and she replied, and we struck up a friendship. We make a bit of an odd couple.

I'm a novelist by trade who just barely passed high school physics. Dr. Mack, meanwhile, holds the Hawking Chair in Cosmology and Science Communication at the renowned Perimeter Institute.

But she's a patient teacher, and I am very curious about the vast and strange universe in which I find myself. So we decided to make a podcast together about the history of the entire universe, including the parts of its history that haven't yet been written. I hope you'll join us for The Universe, a limited series podcast from Crash Course. [♪MUSIC♪] (John Green) We live in a Universe...

How big is it? (Katie Mack) It depends on what you mean by universe. The hydrogen in your body... Those atoms first formed in that first two minutes of the universe. (John Green) I'm already in the mind-blown place.

It makes me anxious, but I like it. Do we know how long the inflation lasted? (Katie Mack) We think ten to the minus thirty four seconds. (John Green) Shut up. You are painting onto a blank canvas right now, Dr.

Mack. (Katie Mack) I'll start with the Big Bang Theory. (John Green) We are going to learn about, And I like this phrase... Cosmic Noon. (Katie Mack) ...the fundamental forces of nature... ...large scale structure of the universe... (John Green) Black Holes! (Katie Mack) You already know the whole story of dark matter. (John Green) I definitely don't. (Kaite Mack) We know so much about it, and we can look at it! Like, we can directly look at it!

We are so tiny and insignificant and yet look what we can do. (John Green) The Universe debuts on April 24th and will be available here on the Crash Course YouTube channel and also wherever you get your podcasts.