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In which Craig Benzine tries to say certiorari.

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Craig: oh, are we ready?

Stan: I'm ready.

Wheezy: Here goes. Hi, I'm Craig and this is Crash Course Civics and today, we're going to look at the basics of syste- why didn't I have my coffee mug?

Petition for a writ of ser-tee-oh-ree-ary, ser-show-rary sher-shOW-rary, ser-show-RAh-ree

take a breath, take a- take a relax.

Stan: yeah.

Craig: We're just people talkin'. We're just people talking.

So they built in the electoral gollege as a- gollege?

We have a wood- woodwoe. Woodroe. We have Windrow Wilson to than- we have Woodrowe will--

(smacking sounds)

Don't wanna refer to the president as an "it"

I always thought adjudication meant that you, like you beat someone up using judo. You adjudicated them.

But that doesn't mean the president doesn't have a big informal role- row- to play in the legislative process.

Stan: Big old informal roll.

Craig: Big ol' formal role.

Bureaucracies are like loud truck that drive by. You have to just let them... work their way though.

What's bold, why? WHY. WHY!?

You want me to (gruffly) talk like this? The cabinet used to be very important in advising-

What do you mean upon which we can build? the constit- (laughs)

These are presidential directive, or rules, that you- that have- hm, hah, hoooo.


This kind of bureaucratic control is called "procedural." Procedura

Most sertor- ser-tee-or-ee-ary, how do you say it again? ser-tee-or-ary?

Now I'm gonna burp a little. Don't include that in the thought bubble! I'm having a different kind of bubble goin' on right here.

NASA's probably the best known independent agency because everyone knows, space travel's awesome. Watch CrashCourse astrolo- astrolo- uh, astronomy, not astrology (Stan laughs) That's not as good. That one's not as good.

One, bureaucrats- I went like this and said "one."

For example, if you say f on television, the FCC can define you. (laughs) Define you. The can fine you.

Stan: As an hole.

Craig: You have to pay workers because meat doesn't inspect itself. If it did... we should be eating other meat.

You ever see the movie Judge Dredd? Speaking of law? I mean Dredd. The movie Dredd, the newer one?
Stan: Yes, I did.
Craig: It's awesome. You didn't like it? Well, we disagree, greatly about that one.

And if it occurs at night, it occurs in night court, which is the second day in a row I've brought up night court.

That's one of my favorite jokes, I think.

aw, I'm still smiling. It's not that good of a joke, c'mon Craig.

The first thing (laughs) dang it. And if it occurs at night, it's night court. uh.

The first thing to remember about courts in the US is that most legal action (laughing) if it occurs- f

Man, we gotta watch Dredd together, and I wanna-
Stan: You wanna tell me why it's good?
Craig: I wanna tell you why it's good. It's so good.

There are also some federal crimes like tax evasion, mail fraud and racketeering- are there- are there any funny federal crimes?
Stan: uh, kidnapping.
Craig: That's not funny.
Stan: oh yeah, that isn't funny.

Craig: The chief justice presides over the conference and assigns a task of writing- oh, wait a second... I should punt the Eagle.

There are three reasons that congress delegates power to the executive branch: practical reasons, historical it's going way too fast...

Come on, come on.

Take it.

Americans tend to associate them- with- it's- the teleprompter's going too slow.

So this is also sort of I'm running out of words. Oh! One word left.

Sir-she-ra-ree. sER-tee-ra-ry. Ser-te-RAH-ree. I'm gonna name my first kid Sir-ti-ra-ree, Stan.

But if you haven't noticed politics and government are kind of inseparable, so we'll talk about that in another episode. Thanks for watching, I'll see you next time. (laughs) I said that very weirdly.

Crash Course: Government and Politics is produced in association with (mumbling) PBS digital studios Crash Course.

Mission and initiatives.
Stan: It sounds better with "mission and initiatives," it's got a nice ring
Craig. Yeah. Mission and initiatives. (with rhythm) Mission and initiatives. I'm not gonna keep rapping though, 'cause mo money mo problems... and I know I would make a lot of money off of- Yeah. Yeah.
Stan: If anyone saw that.
Craig: Yeah.