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Hahahahaha! Entrevistar gente animada assim é muito mais gratificante. Não é sempre que você encontra pessoas tão dispostas a falar sobre o próprio filme ou livro, por incrível que pareça.

O Papelpop foi parar no Rio de Janeiro para bater um papo com o autor John Green e o ator Nat Wolff para falar do filme "Cidades de Papel", Os dois se rasgaram de amores pelo Rio de Janeiro e até toparam fazer uma brincadeira envolvendo a sobrancelha linda de Cara Delevingne.

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John: You're enjoying Rio?

Nat: Where are you from?

Papelpop: I'm from Sao Paulo.

John: oh.

Nat: Rio is so awesome.

Papelpop: Papelpop here with John Green and Nat Wolff.

Nat: I got it.

John: Wait, hold on. annnd, start over. (they laugh)

Papelpop: (? I speak Spanish not Portuguese) interview two people that are very nice...

John: We got to go up to the mountains and see the forest and Christ the Redeemer and it was just an amazing...

Nat: And before that I went to the ocean I swan in the ocean for 45 minutes I thought "Is this the best moment of my life?" it honestly, Rio is the most beautiful place I've ever been.

John: Yeah, I have never seen any place like this. We are really having the best day ever, it's just...

Nat: We got up early before the junket, we woke up at 7:30 so we could go to the beach.

Papelpop: (?)

Nat: Yeah, we went in the morning, yeah.

Papelpop: (?)

This first question is for John. Why make such a nice guy like Q fall in love with a crazy girl?

Nat: Thank you!

Papelpop: He's such a nice guy!

Nat: Thank you!

John: Well, he's a nice guy, but like a lot of nice guys, Q doesn't do a good job of imagining the girls that he likes, so he really puts Margo on a pedestal and romanticizes her and he thinks of her as more than human, and that's ultimately really dehumanizing. you can't fall in love with an idea, youcan't really love someone except as a person and certainly at the beginning of the story, Q doesn't treat Margo as a person and... that's I guess the initial thing that I was thinking about when I was writing the story, is how do we learn to imagine each other as people even though I will never know what it's like to be you because I'm stuck inside of my own head and I will never know what it's like to be Nat, like how do I learn to listen better to other people so that I can do a better job of imagining them.

Papelpop: And Nat, can you relate to Q in any way, in your life?

Nat: Yeah, I feel like, well I feel a lot like Q at certain times in my life and I felt like when I made the movie we uh, I kind of went in a time machine back to that time. I just saw Quentin as a person who had these friends he was really close with and felt really comfortable with and then this one girl who did make him feel really you know, nervous, and nerdy, and I think everybody has, everybody's different in front of different people. Everybody feels a million different things, so I like to-- you know, I found a lot of things that were like me, like Quentin and a lot of things that weren't. You know, I'm the worst driver,

John: It's true.

Nat: So I had to learn how to drive for the movie.

John: Yeah, he got his driver's license two weeks before the movie started shooting and it showed.

Papelpop: You were born in New York, so you didn't need a car...

Nat: No, I just took the subway, so then two weeks before Fox called me and said "Nat, you're doing a road movie, you need to get your license." (talking over Papelpop) or we're gonna fire you. What?

Papelpop: (?)

Nat: Yeah, I was. No, I was really driving, there was a lot of fear from everybody on set that I would kill someone.

John: Oh, man. I love Nat, he's an amazing actor, he's an amazing musician, he's a wonderful person, he's a really close friend of mine, he is a terrible driver. 

Papelpop: (?)

John: Well, I'm not gonna tell you who it is, but we were very lucky to be able... you know sometimes small parts are played by unknown actors, and sometimes small parts are played by very well known actors.

Nat: Betty White. It's Betty White.

John: It's Betty White.

Papelpop: (?)

This is time for quick answer questions.

Nat: OK, cool.

Papelpop: Which food should someone eat after breaking up with someone?

John: Pizza. Pizza. What do you think?

Papelpop: Chocolate?

Nat: I don't eat pizza, but...

John: Ice cream? What do you eat?

Nat: burger. So just basically, what would you eat that is gonna make you feel better?

Papelpop: Yeah.

Nat: oh, some ice cream.

John: Ice cream. I say pizza.

Papelpop: What makes someone a better person, real love, real friends, or some chocolate? (they laugh)

John: Real friendship matters even more than pizza in the end to me.

Nat: Pizza.

Papelpop: If you had Cara Delevingne's eyebrow and someone was explaining to you the meaning of life, how would you react?

John: oh, that's good.

[Nat and John do stuff with their eyebrows]

Papelpop: Did you not say anything in Portuguese, besides "obrigado" I know you--

John: Bon dia.

Nat: U amo Brazil.

Papelpop: Eu, eu.

Nat: Eu amo Brazil. I love Brazil.

John: yeah, it was almost, it was difficult to know what you were saying because your pronunciation was so bad.

Nat: You say it.

John: ... No. (they laugh) How is it, U amo Brazil?

Papelpop: Eu.

John: Eu! Eu amo Brazil.

Nat: (?) 

Papelpop: (?)

Nat: um. uhhh...

John: Well we're--

Nat: John Green.

John: We're gonna have to learn a lot of Portuguese because both Nat and I fully intend to move here.

Nat: We're gonna move to Brazil.

Papelpop: Thank you guys!

John: Thank you, that was really fun.

Nat: Thank you.

Papelpop: (?)